www.fodey.com is simple tool to generate fake newspaper clipping for you.If you interested to create your own fake newspaper clipping,than the tool is right for you.

Create your own fun newspaper

The newspaper clipping generator helps you to create fake newspaper clipping with your own name & headline with the text you want in.Everything you need to do is just enter Name of newspaper you want to see in your fake newspaper,date and headline with your story.Clicking on generate button will generate fake newspaper clipping for you with the details you mentioned.

The website not only allow you top generate fake newspaper clipping but it also allow you to generate fake clapper board, talking squirrels, circulates packets, talking cats, ninja text, wizard text,  talking flowers, talking tomatoes, talking owls with your own text.So that it helps you to create little story for you as if you are creating rage face online.

You can check out Fake Newspaper Clipping Generator @ http://www.fodey.com

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