You have so many data as text and want to Extract URLs from Text data? Do check out this interesting article on how to extracting URLs from text data. Check out this article about link extractor tool to do this task.

Sometime we get notepad file or receive emails with too much descriptions. Or sometimes we need to Extract URLs from Web Page or all text but its hard to find URLs when they are not made hyperlink and only available in text lines on any webpage.

How to Use link extractor to extract links from text

It is difficult to filter URLs from hundreds of text, but we can use Link Extractor Online tool, that will help you to perform this task in an easy way. You can also use Clickable Links Chrome Extension to Extract Links from Web Page. For example, you want to extract URLs from this page, I have added some URLs in text format below just for example.

If you use chrome extension, you will get URL in clickable format, it means if URLs are in text format, you can see them as the hyperlink. While noteparse is awesome web app we have tried that will easily help you to get the hyperlink from all texts. So it will only Extract URLs from Text File and remove rest of texts.

link extractor
link extractor

I have copied few words from this page and pasted it on noteparse page. When I click on parse button, it will extract links from those pasted texts and show it below that.

Total links extracted
Extract URLs from Web Page

NoteParse Features:

You can try noteparse @

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Here we have written about how to easily Extract URLs from Text using noteparse link extractor tool. Do let us know how to you extract your data from a bulk source.