If you are regular watching videos on YouTube,you have seen YouTube shows their ads beside the videos, related videos and comments and comments posted by users.So we can watch video clearly if we are making full screen video.There is alternate option available for YouTube Junkies that can dim the rest of part of your browser and let you to concentrate only on videos you are watching.

Best extension for Youtube Junkies :Turn Off the Lights Extension

The opacity and color has been set around 80 percentage and black by default however it can be configured manually depending on your need.You can choose the black color to any color you wish,it is customizable.Using of the Turn Off the Lights Extension extension is quite simple,lamp icon appears right at menu bar and when video starts streaming,you have to click on the lamp button.This lamp button will darken the background of browser and highlight only video part in your browser.So you do not have to look at the sidebar ads, rating, sharing, related videos , commenting or anything else.


  • It supports so many images, picasa & HTML 5 videos , videos sharing websites.
  • Color darkness and opacity can be customized depending on your needs.
  • Clicking on lamp icon,will switch off the light in browser to concentrate only on video.
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