There are a few things you should take into consideration if you want your laptop’s battery to last for a long time:Extend Your Laptop's Battery Life

1. Try to clean the edges of the battery with a little alcohol from time to time. This way you make sure you have a good transfer, without further energy losses.

2. You must know the phrase “use it or lose it”. Don’t let your battery charged and not used for a long time and don’t let your empty battery not used also. If you have a lithium battery that is not used for a while, it is recommended to charge it to a maximum of 40% capacity and keep it in cold places.

3. Use hibernate mode instead of standby mode. Although standby mode can save some energy and it allows you to return to the initial state, it does not save as much energy as in hibernate mode that practically saves the exact state of the computer before it is turned off.

4. Keep the internal temperature of the laptop low by regularly cleaning the evacuations in front of the fans. Don’t use a vacuum cleaner to do that because you want to avoid the risks of a short circuit.You can use Laptop Cooling pad to decrease temperature of laptop bottom part.

5. When your objective is to save energy, don’t over use your computer, be patient and don’t ask too much of it. Try to avoid heavy multitasking.

6. Make sure you have enough RAM memory. If your computer is low on RAM, it will be forced to use the swap a lot more, which will burn more energy.

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7. When you depend on battery, try to disable the auto save or auto spell check functions, but remember to turn the auto save back on when you battery energy gets closer to0; this way you avoid the risk of losing your work.

8. Last but not least, think about making upgrades, when you can afford it. Laptops get better every day, and so do batteries.

9. If your operating system is Windows, maybe the first think you should do is use the so called “Power Plan”. There, you can select “Maximum Battery Life” and choose the exact intensity of the luminosity you want and the amount of time it takes before entering hibernate or standby mode. In Power Options menu, you can also choose the period of time after which the HDD will stop.

10. Whenever you are not using Wifi or Bluetooth, think about turning them off. Most laptops come with a button to activate or deactivate them, but if they don’t, you can always deactivate them manually from Windows Mobility Center menu.

11. Try to reduce the lever of use of your processor. Stop all tasks and programs that you are not using in that moment. A useful software for this sort of thing is AutoRun for Windows, but you can also use MSConfig that comes with Windows.

12. Another important thing is to avoid keeping the laptop on pillows or blankets, making it impossible for the computer to “breathe”.