In this article, we have mentioned about how to export the Google Contact from Gmail in simple and easy steps. If you are one of them who are looking about how to export Google Contacts in CSV format from Gmail, then you are at right place.

How to export google contact from gmail

Here, You will find the complete step by step guide, which you can follow to export contacts into CSV format on your computer.

The Google Contacts also allows you to export your saved contact in other file formats like Outlook CSV format and vCard format. So follow below mentioned few steps to export Google contacts from Gmail into the CSV format.

Exporting Contact from Google Account

Follow below mentioned few steps:

Step 1: First of all, Log In to your “Gmail” Account using your computer’s web browser

Step 2: Now, Click on the “Gmail” drop-down option below the Google icon.

Step 3: Here, you have to click on the “Contacts” option to open it.

Step 4: Click the “More” drop-down option above the Settings. Then, select “Export.” (Which you will find on the left middle side of the window)

Step 5: A dialog box will appear on screen; Here you have to select the “Go To Old Version.”

Step 6: Here, you can select the contacts, that you want to export.

Step 7: After Click on the “More” drop-down button above your contacts, then, click the “Export” option

Step 7: Now, choose export format type and Click the “Export” button.

We hope this guide on exporting contact from Google account has helped you. If you have any questions about following those steps, feel free to comment in the comments section below.