If you have applied for the PF withdrawal and if you have checked your PF withdrawal status after the successful submissions of PF Claim form then if you will find the following message in online PF Claim status portal “EPF Claim Status Shows Payment under Process.” If you are one of them who are getting this error message in online EPF Claim status portal, then this article is for you.

In this article, we have mentioned the complete details about and what does mean this “EPF Claim Status Shows Payment under Process.”

Epf Claim Status Shows Payment Under ProcessThe meaning of this message in online EPF Claim Status Portal is your PF claim was successfully submitted to Employee Provident Fund Organization, but only the PF payment is pending. In the past before the online facilities, the PF Claim settlements have taken more than one month time, but now you can easily claim your PF within the 20 days without any problem.

In most cases, the EPF members will get their PF amount within ten days after successful submission of PF claim forms.

In some cases, even after getting this message “EPF Claim status shows payment under the process” member doesn’t get their PF amount, this is due to inactive bank accounts, and the claim amount will not be settled into the bank accounts of EPF members. If your PF amount is not settled into your bank account due to the inactive bank account, then your form will be sent back to your mentioned address. So be careful while writing your address on your PF claim form.

If your PF Claim has been canceled due to some reasons, then you can also know the status and reason for rejection of your claim status by using the EPF claim status tracking online facility without any problem.

If you know that your PF claim has been rejected due to inactive or improper bank accounts then you have to visit nearest EPF Office with the correct bank account details then they will easily correct your bank account details, and within the ten days, your PF amount will be credited into the bank account.

Do share your comments below, if you have any questions in following those mentioned steps.

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