Many times, we have seen we want to purchase online but not able to make our purchase successful. It is either because we have not a credit card or our credit/debit card is not being accepted by the seller company. That is a particular problem I have observed among bloggers.They want to register their blog, by purchasing the brand new domain name or hosting. But due to the limitation mentioned earlier, they can not buy it. You can use Virtual Credit Card provided by entropay that help you to get your credit card even if you don’t have one.

Recently while searching, I found some sites that are trusted and you can easily use them for purchasing anything over the internet without a credit card.The main advantage of the virtual card is that you can use it as a disposable credit card. Most of the people make an online purchase by using Virtual Credit Card (VCC), which allow them to make their credit card number private from any purchase company.

Virtual Credit Card

Entropay offers VISA and MasterCard virtual prepaid credit cards, EntroPay is the simple, instant, global solution for making and receiving online payments. The good thing about it is that you can also add this credit card to your PayPal account for verification.

All you need to do is associate your debit card/credit card with Entropay. Now whenever you want to make a new purchase, just click on create new card option. From where you will be able to generate new disposable credit card number on your account. Now after adding funds into your Virtual credit card, you can now easily purchase anything online. You even don’t have to worry about disclosing your original credit card to anywhere.

Entropay works in association with VISA. This means Entropay allows you to generate virtual VISA credit cards only!! So wherever you see the Visa logo, you can make a purchase with your Entropay Credit card. The account registration is totally free but there’s a small fee for uploading funds in your virtual account. Interestingly you can change your default currency to any other anytime you want.

Entropay Virtual Credit Card Features:

  • Destroy Credit card number after making a purchase.
  • Disposable Credit Card facility.
  • Registration is totally free.
  • Make your online purchase safe.
  • Trusted website.
  • You can use it for one-time purchasing.
  • Instant activation.

You can check the Website @ From here


  1. This is a very interesting option, especially if you do not want people to know what you have been paying for online. Can your purchases be traced in the bill or will it only show up as Entropay.
    Do you also know how long a VCC can last before it expires.

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