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How To Download SEOPressor at $5 for Unlimited Sites

How To Download SEOPressor at $5 for Unlimited Sites

We all know SEOPressor is the best SEO plugin for WordPress that allow us to optimize articles for any 3 keywords.When you enter 3 keywords, it would show you best ranking LSI keywords (Latent Semantic Indexing keywords), you can use those LSI keywords in your post quick ranking on SERP. There is free tool available online that will find LSI keyword for you, that is lsikeywords.com but it would shows you number of usable and unwanted keywords that has no values. I have also tried lsikeywords.com but did not get effective result as SEOPressor

It is all in one SEO plugin for your blog, because you can through out 6 SEO plugin and install this one plugin. You will find those 6 FREE SEO plugin that SEOPressor can replace on SEOPressor review page. You can use SEMrush SEO tool to find top ranking keyword for your blog as well as blog of your competitor website. Those keywords can be used on SEOPressor to get effective result.If you are using SEMrush along with SEOpressor, you would get very effective result. You can even get ranked on SERP for specific keyword.

How To Download SEOPressor at $5 for Unlimited Sites

1. It can optimize your blog’s all images by adding alt tag into images.

2. If you are not using SEOPressor plugin, you probably use SEO Slugs WordPress plugin to manage post slugs on your blog.

3. SEOPressor can automatically do on page SEO for your blog and maintain all external links on your blog. You might probably using  WP External Links (nofollow new window seo) to make external links nofollow, but SEOPressor has inbuilt feature to play with external links.

4. If you are publishing review for anything, you might have seen stars and rating on SERP with amount on SERP. You might be using FREE WP Social SEO Booster plugin to do the same but SEOPressor V5 has inbuilt feature for review post.

5. If you are managing multi author WordPress blog, you might probably using User Role Editor WordPress Plugin to manage roles for all editors and contributors. This plugin has inbuilt feature for assigning or creating custom role for users.

6. Last but not list, it would work as best LSI keyword suggestion tool as well as helps you to optimize your blogpost for SEO effectively. It would help you to notify with over SEO optimization as well as keyword decoration and shows SEO score for any post you are writing.

We all know Buying SEOPressor Plugin for lifetime for unlimited sites worth $497 USD that is out of budget for small bloggers. If you are newbie blogger, this might be too high amount to be spent for one plugin so you might probably ignore it. But SEOPressor has taken the same into consideration and started monthly plan by which users can get the same SEO tool at just $5 USD per month.

Before that, I was having single site licence and I was using the same after Google’s algorithm update. Here is the screnshot of the result that worked for me to gain and even improve my blog traffic by 60%.

Traffic Ranking for Blog

This is traffic report for months from my WordPress dashboard and as you can see traffic has increased after January 2014 and increasing month by month. I was thinking to purchase multi site licence but it was too much costly. Recently SEOPressor has launched that 5 USD for unlimited sites plan and it suits my budget for all my sites. I have purchased it and I would keep you posted with updated results that SEOpressor has done for me.

If you are newbie blogger, you can start with such $5 USD Pro Plan. I would bet your monthly 5 USD would not go wasted because you would create your own place on SERP and get traffic effective.

Download SEOPressor at $5 USD for Unlimited Sites

Download SEOPressor at Just 5 USD per Month


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