Wikipedia is the largest Encyclopedia in this world & everyone use it for finding useful information.The information may be anything but people love to search it on Wikipedia.Encyclopodia is an opensource program that allows you to install entire Wikipedia on your Apple iPod.The software can be installed on iPod Minis, Photo iPods & iPod Generation 1-4.

Encyclopedia on iPod

The above image describe how encyclopodia will look on your iPod.Downloading Wikipedia on PC for offline reading is not a new thing but developers of the iPodLinux Project has made it possible to install Wikipedia on iPod.

1.Download installation wizard on your windows.

2.After downloading it on your windows, connect your iPod with PC and start itunes .

3.At the bottom of itunes windows, choose the option “Display option for player” & make sure that “Enable disk use” option is checked in option.

4.Close the ituns and run installation of encyclopodia-setup.exe file you just downloaded & follow the installation wizard until it says installation has finished.

5.After successful installation,download .epodia-Files from encyclopodia library & copy the files into your drive say it “H” “H:\data\encyclopodia\library\” folder.Currently it is available in 3 language English,Italian and German.The file size of English Wikipedia is 1.7 GB, German Wikipedia -656 MB & Italian Wikipedia -228 MB.

If you want to install Encyclopodia from Linux or Mac,you can follow the instruction provided at share your views about it & if you have any problem while installing it.Leave your question below by commenting here.

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