Want to Download Google Chrome? Do you know you can also download offline installer for Google Chrome? You can get portable google chrome version too. Check out below article about how to Download Google Chrome for offline installation.

Google Chrome is my favorite browser. I have been using Firefox and Chrome together. I use Firefox to surf social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, etc. Mostly I use Google Chrome for writing, publishing posts and almost most of my online task getting done on Google Chrome. Very first thing I do after formatting my computer is installing Firefox and Chrome. Firefox is a little bit slower than Chrome, but I can say Google Chrome is the fastest browser than others.

Download Google Chrome Offline Version

Download Google Chrome For Offline Installation

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When you are downloading online Google Chrome, it will download around 1 MB file on your computer. When you install it, it would automatically download online Google Chrome browser from Google’s server.  Depending on your internet speed, it would be downloaded online.

The bad thing is it gets downloaded around 35-37 MB chrome installer file online, and it would consume internet bandwidth each time you want to download and install Google Chrome.

Download Google Chrome Offline Installer

To avoid that, you can download offline Google Chrome standalone setup. You would need to download that setup file one time, and you can install it on as many computers as you want. Here is The link to download full installer of Google Chrome. You can download the developer version or stand along version @ Download stand alone version.

If you wish to download latest Google Chrome version, you can go with online installer. It allows you to download the latest version of Google Chrome and gets installed directly from Google server. Check out it from official Google Chrome website @ http://www.google.com/chrome


  1. Hey Bhavesh
    Nice i wont online google chrome setup because when i format my pc. After it i would to download chrome online and its take time and speed also. i am too tiered where i can download offline setup.
    Thanks for offline setup 🙂

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