Are you tired downloading files and then uploading those on dropbox to sync on all your device? Well, Ehowportal has researched new Google Chrome Extension that will allow you to Download Files to Dropbox, videos directly on your Dropbox account. Download to Dropbox is great chrome extension that will allow you to send any files directly to your dropbox.Just write click on the download page or link, on any page from chrome and click on upload to dropbox. It will automatically sent to your dropbox and sync across all your dropbox devices.

Download Files from the Web Directly to your Dropbox
Download Files from the Web Directly to your Dropbox

Its YouTube video page, You can  you can use this on any image website, video website or any file extension site.Just right click your mouse button and select Upload to Dropbox option from the menu. The file will be sent to your dropbox folder directly. You can also manage, where those downloaded files appear on your dropbox folder. By default, it has set to download on apps folder to the below location.

/Apps/Chrome Downloads

If you want to change the location of downloads on your dropbox folder, you can easily manage it. Just choose option menu from dropbox like download icon at the top of your chrome and go to options. You can also check it from the below link.


Download Webpage or File Directly to Dropbox Account
Download Webpage or File Directly to Dropbox Account

There are two options, if you select group download by site, all download archives will be created by site group. If you select group download by date, your archive for download will be created by date. Depending on your requirement, you can choose the setting.

There add folder location where you want to save the downloaded data and your download data will be Save Dropbox Files to Computer to that folder.If you want to unauthorize Download to dropbox chrome extension, just go to another Dropbox account link and from there, select sign out of dropbox.

Sign Out of Dropbox - Chrome Plugin
Deauthorise Chrome plugin to access your Dropbox account
Link : chrome-extension://mklccdhnpppcmbpbkaanmamjfmmefbnp/html/options.html#dropbox-account

You can also check the downloading status from your menu bar of chrome account. Easily remove any downloads or re-download your files to your dropbox account from there.

Saving Webpages to Dropbox
Saving Webpages to Dropbox

If you want to download any files directly to cloud account, this chrome extension is highly recommended. It’s particularly perfect if you use a browser-based OS, such as Google’s ChromeOS. This make your task easiear and lets you to Download File to Dropbox account quickly.

Download to Dropbox Features :

  • Free and Easy to use that allow you to get your files Download directly to Dropbox.
  • Directly send any files like video, audio, media files or any extension files to your dropbox account.
  • Download Multiple Files from Dropbox with synchronization to computer.
  • Access your downloaded files across all your dropbox devices.
  • You can modify the location of download on your dropbox account.
  • Create Datewise or sitewise archieve for your downloads.
  • Perfect way to save any files on the web to your dropbox account.
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You can get Download To Dropbox chrome extension

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