Ehowportal is now Dofollow Commentluv Enabled Blog

Dofollow commentluv Blog
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  1. cool math games 4 kids says:

    it’s great idea if this site allow dofollow comment. thanks for that and keep posting

  2. Bharat Chowdary says:

    That’s great news, I will be a regular visitor form now 🙂

  3. Jim says:

    CommentLuv is spreading everywhere! But that’s good news – it encourages more chat and comments on blogs. I’m guessing the original developer, Andy, must be seeing a lot of traffic on the ComLuv site now 🙂

  4. Krishna@techmero says:

    You choose one step ahead for successful professional blogging

  5. Beth says:

    Hi Bhavesh, I really like Commentluv and was thinking of using it on my own site as it can attract some very good comments from what I’ve seen on some other sites. I was wondering if it was worth using the free version? or whether it’s better to go with the paid version?

    1. HI Beth,
      First you can go for free version and if you see some improvement in your blog traffic and commenting, you can then go for paid version.

  6. Beth says:

    Thanks for the advice Bhavesh, anything that saves a bit of money at the moment is welcome. I’m going to download the free version over the weekend and give it a go.

  7. Steve Hughes says:

    To dofollow or nofollow, that is the question. dofollow obviously has some benefits mentioned above for SEO purposes, but can attract spammers. Thanks for sharing.

  8. Amit Shaw says:

    Its really great way to increase comment count as well as Visitor. Its a very effective way.

  9. Marketing en Internet says:

    Hi, thank you for this great opportunity. My blog is dofollow too. So you are invited to comment on it!

  10. Exam Result 2012 says:

    Bhavesh thanks for rewarding readers with this awesome feature. I am new to your blog and your domain name looks more professional.

  11. Best Kids Tablet PCs says:

    Been reading a fair amount about “CommentLuv”. Like others have mentioned though, Follow Links will attract spam. I might test it one one or two blog and see what the results are like.

    1. People who know about commentluv would post more genuine comment on commentluv enabled blogs, enabling commentluv on blog is good way to attract and engage visitors on blogs.

  12. Emre Ilkme says:

    I love CommentLuv and fully agree with you on the going natural front. the more honest and natural you are the more likely your comments are to stick. Please people, read what you’re commenting about. Will definitely be using these fab links you’ve posted. thanks

  13. mrgeorge says:

    Wow Its really good Thing that this site now Become Dofollow enabled .Now we can gain And Post new Thoughts..Thanx

  14. Ryan says:

    Do follow or not, I still like to comment on great sites like this.

  15. nik@Post Free Advertising | Classifieds Ads says:


    I am also planning to use keyword luv plugin for my blog for dofollow.

    Thanks again.

  16. anurag kumar says:

    This feature is great and seems to increase the number of visitors and number of page impressions.

  17. Amy@bathrobes says:

    Comment luv do follow blogs are the best. They have really been a great help to me and I appreciate you letting me post here! I am more inclined to read someones blog as well when it enables me the opportunity to post with this feature.

  18. social networking says:

    it’s great idea if this site allow dofollow comment.I am also planning to use keyword luv plugin for my blog for dofollow.Thanks lot shearing your great post .

  19. sumon says:

    I agree. CommentLuv is so cool. It not only benefits blog owners but visitors as well since they can place a DO follow anchor text beside their name. It’s nice that you have included this in your blog.

  20. Maddy says:

    First of all Very very thanks for enabling comment luv as dofollow. I think It will really boost the traffic of your website and ofcourse your earings. Soon i am going to write an article on list of do-follow comment luv websites,in which i have listed your website too.

  21. Nizam says:

    Well, commentluv is a good strategy to attract readers and to give reward to the commentors by showing their recent blog post. And another benefit is that commentors does not need to signup to post comments as in the case of Disqus, so it’s more easier for the readers to post comments.

    Thanks Bhavesh for enabling commentluv on your blog !

  22. Appsc says:

    This is the best way to increase the comments count and have chance to interact with co-bloggers.It is the best strategy if you are doing social promotion. Since I’m in blogger platform, it is not possible for me to make my blog as do follow with commentluv enabled.

    1. Hi Appsc, We have found new way by which you can also integrate commentluv on your blogger blog.You can find the resource @

  23. Commentluv plugin is really a great way to increase website traffic. I too use for my blog the same plugin and have got vast improvement in traffic as well as comments

    1. Sandip,
      I have visited your website and added my comments there.Great blog you have build up.
      Keep it up!!

  24. health care says:

    I can honestly say I’d never heard of commentluv before now. This seems like an excellent tool to use, and something I’ve been looking for without knowing it.

  25. hairstyles says:

    I am thinking to use commentluv plug in for my blog, but want to know more about its reviews. Thanks for sharing your experience.

  26. celebrity says:

    I like comment luv if only because it gives me an opportunity to ‘talk’ with my readers and I do think it encourages people to take a minute or two and write a half-decent comment. Good luck with your trial…I hope you keep it going

  27. vetrri says:

    thanks you ehowportal. to allow do follow comments in you site. here after i daily visit your site from now and one more thing is your website is informative.

  28. Yaya Nurcahyadin says:

    thanks, I like comment luv. this is Great blog

  29. Akshay J. says:

    I’m also thinking to enable it on my own Blog. Hope to see more engagement there. 🙂

  30. Great move … I’ll add this blog to my list of dofollow commentluv enabled blogs.

  31. jagat @ blogging tips says:

    comment luv is awesome plugins for blog. am just enable my both blogs. thank for good suggestion

  32. salma says:

    i i really love comment luv, going to install this on my own blog.

  33. Fardeen says:

    This is a great idea buddy…hope u get max. out of this:)

  34. isah says:

    it is cool reading this article. this will increase blog commenting and also traffic. awesome! ehowportal

  35. Dinaviriya says:

    Thanks for the sharing and information, i am new to blogging. Hope can learn more from your site. And happy to know that is blog is commentluv blog.

  36. Salman Ahmad says:

    This is great to get both types of benefits from a dingle Blog, Learning and increasing page rank.
    Thanks Buddy

  37. Ardiv Jauhari says:

    Hi Bhavesh, I’m thinking of enabling commentluv for my blog as well but I need to make sure of one thing. How is the bounce rate from the traffic you’re getting?

  38. Pat Drummond says:

    Although I see the benefits of CommentLuv and how it can encourage useful and thoughtful comments, I’m worried about installing it on my own site. Mainly because I’m already getting a large share of spam comments. I feel installing CommentLuv may increase that. How have you been managing comment spam?

  39. Paul Butler says:

    Very Cool.

    thanks for the update. Comment luv rules!
    Thanks for adding this awesome plug-in to your site!!

    Paul Butler

  40. Dick says:

    Nice, thanks for the update. It will benefit for all the readers.

  41. Thanks author, since finally you made this for community people. Applying commentluv strategy has strengthened its power. My request to other pls. do not try to post spam. Thanks

  42. Manabadi says:

    Such an awesome decision. Me too planing to make my blog as dofollow. It is a good strategy to get more visits by making a blog as dofollow. Cheers 🙂