Most of the time when we start windows computer, it will take some time to initialize the startup program. Once all startup program getting started, it will works smoothly. If you try opening some program as soon as windows start, you might have observed that it take some times to open the software you just selected once after starting windows. That is because of we install or use such programs like utorrents, internet download manager like downloading applications that automatically set as startup program, so when windows started, such unwanted applications automatically get started along with the windows and hence it make your PC performing slower.

How to use Msconfig In Windows to Speed Up Windows Startup

In this tutorial, we will learn how to speed up your windows startup by using msconfig command. Windows comes with a System configuration utility (MSCONFIG) which can help us resolve Windows startup problems. You can stop a few unnecessary programs from starting up while loading Windows. So if you are experiencing low PC performance, you may try this solution to improve your PC performance.

Configuring MSConfig to speed up computer :

  • First of all, press WIndow key+ R or go to run menu.

How to use Msconfig In Windows to Speed Up Windows Startup

  • Type “msconfig” there without quote and press enter button, new window will be opened as shown in the image below.
  • Here you will see tabs like General, system.ini , win.ini , boot.ini , services , startup, tools etc.
  • Now go to Services tab, and scan through the list. Remove anything you think unnecessary to be there.Suppose some unwanted program like skype, utorrent, yahoo messenger that is opening automatically while starting window, you may deselect them from here to prevent them opening at windows startup. Usually if it’s a Microsoft corporation service, just leave it.How to use Msconfig In Windows to Speed Up Windows Startup
  • Now go to Startup tab. Here you will see the complete list of the program that usually runs automatically while starting your windows. You may deselect the application from the list that you supposed to be unwanted. Like IDMan, uTorrent like application, there is no need to set it as startup app, we may disable it and hence PC performance will get improved.

Configure msconfig startup application on windows

  • Once the unwanted application deselected, click on apply button. Please note that don’t select the disable all or enable all button.Because if you disable all, it will disable all startup application and if some program that are helpful to start windows, so your windows might get corrupted.
  • Click on apply and then press okay button. It will ask you to restart computer or exit without restart option. We recommend you to restart your PC so that all unwanted application get closed.

How to retrieve original setting in msconfig :

  • If you messed up setting in msconfig windows and want to make it default as it was, go to General tab, there you will see, there is selective startup selected bydefault. Choose normal startup.

Windows Startup Application - Speed up your Windows Computer

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