There is no hiding the fact that nearly all businesses today have an active website. From local electricians, large law firms, and even non-profit religious organizations, websites have seemingly become staple. Though different websites have different content and elements, they share a collective goal of distributing the message about their business products and services, or just valuable content to the vast majority of people that use the Internet. This is where SEO comes into the big, global picture.

SEO, or search engine optimization, is becoming an increasingly valuable and popular marketing tool for businesses of all sorts and sizes. However, for SEO campaigns to be effective, marketers and business owners must be able to implement optimization techniques appropriately. Implementing these techniques right from the start can really yield benefits while also saving your business significant resources.

Keyword Research

The importance of keywords for effective SEO cannot be overstated. The right keywords, density, and the placement of these keywords can optimize your content. If you use misguiding and inappropriate keywords and keyword phrases, the search engines and your target audience will be unable to find you. For starters, establish a solid foundation on what your business website hopes to achieve. Are you targeting local or international customers?

Though manual keyword research does yield more accurate results, using keyword research software programs made available through the Internet may also bring benefits. Automation is arguably the most important benefit of these applications. You can get adequate results in seconds. Although, keep a vigilant eye out for software programs that are not reliable.

Placing Your Keywords

In order for a website to be indexed into Google, you should first be able to state what certain pages are about. It is essential to place keywords on the right areas of a webpage, but avoid overdoing it. The most ideal places to feature your keywords include the title tag, meta tag, website slogan, navigation, header tags, bullet points, internal links, footer links, and URLs. Proper keyword placement is just as important as finding the right keywords, and vice versa. If one area falls short, the other one is affected.

Search Engine Friendly Navigation

Well-designed navigation systems for a website guarantee that search engines are able to decipher and follow it. One of the many important attributes of on-page SEO is internal linking systems, for which a navigational network acts as the base. Using text-based buttons and URLs on your website are a huge plus, as they make your website easily accessible.

As advised by experts, never use flash-based navigational networks since search engines like Google and Yahoo! cannot decipher text on images. Rather than flash, viable alternatives for your navigational systems include CSS or jQuery, which have the potential to be just as good as flash but may offer faster loading times for these elements.

Social Networks

Social networks should be a large portion of your SEO campaign. Establishing relationships and communicating with people via social networking sites can help your brand grow tremendously over a short period of time. Aside from growth, social networks also provide free and timeless exposure that helps you build a trustworthy community and a credible brand.

Optimizing your website to be SEO friendly is an endless cycle. You should set long-term objectives, regularly evaluate your website ranking, and implement new solutions to improve your standing. To save both time and effort, consider using website templates that are constructed based on SEO specifications.


  1. I couldn’t agree more with internal links, one of the most overlooked areas of SEO.

    Keywords are becoming less relevant since the animal updates, the search engines are becoming more adapt to understanding the context of the content. They are relying more on theme words.

    I still wouldn’t (and don’t) overlook them, I just don’t focus on KW density anymore. The number one thing I recommend is make it sound natural.

  2. I am shocked at how few people write about web DESIGN and SEO. It plays such a large part. Great article! Its nice to see someone focusing on something that isn’t so obvious.

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