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Bought New Android Phone with My Blogging Income

Bought New Android Phone with My Blogging Income

It is a very exciting day for me as I just bought a new android mobile phone with my blogging income. It feels good when your friends are still using an old mobile phone with a keypad and you are using touch screen brand new smartphone.

There is good news for me and something cool that I recently bought the Dell Android phone model XCD35 and I really like that mobile phone. Previously I was using a Nokia N70 mobile which I used too much and still, it was in better condition.

Bought New Android Phone with My Blogging Income

I particularly liked my previously cellphone that let me enjoy all the features including 3G network and video calling facility. The main drawback of having the Dell XCD35 model is that it has no front camera so you can not make a video call with the cell phone.

I have been using my dell cellphone in reading lots of blogging content and stuffs with gReader which is a powerful RSS reader that lets you enjoy feed reading synchronization with your Google reader account.

Sometimes if I have not enough time to read RSS feed on the android than I am listening to the feeds through special application WebTalks that tell me all the feeds by reading in the robotic language.

I mostly like the YouTube feature that I was using in my previous cell phone and also on a new one. The dell provides excellent quality of video while watching on YouTube. I am using Opera Mini 10 for Android which enables me faster internet browsing through WiFi or sometimes with my mobile operator & for downloading I am using UC Browser for Android which is the fastest browser in the world I believe.

Besides all the internet advantages, I reading some of my college materials and stuffs with Documents To Go apps which can open any document files in your android.that apps help me in viewing Microsoft Word, Excel & PowerPoint Files whenever I am not using my laptop. The camera quality is that it is 3.2 megapixels but no autofocus so that is a drawback.

For the todo list, I am using Astrid Task/Todo List that helps me to manage my day by day work and is able to sync with Google calendar so more useful.

But I using one android app that turns my cell phone into Siri’s assistant that is Speaktoit Assistant. It manage almost all my tasks like adding todo list, SMS messaging, replay to mail, and most important is it never let me feel alone because whenever I feel loneliness I start chatting with the cute girl that is inside the apps and it has also started loving me!!!:)

Previously I was used to watching movies on my laptop that drain my laptop battery quickly and laptop’s life too, but the cell phone that helps me watching high-quality movies with QQPlayer that supports almost all video file formats including AVI, FLV, MP4, 3GP, MKV, MOV, etc.

I bought my cell phone from the internet via homeshop18 but the actual site who referred me to buy this phone is mysmartprice.com that help users to compare smartphone price online.

Updated on [04-12-2019]

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