Are you tired of using your Snapchat account? Want to know how to delete snapchat account quickly? Follow the steps provided here to delete snapchat account.

If you don’t want to use your Snapchat account on your phone & want to remove, so don’t worry about it because it is quite simple. You can delete your account in just a few steps. You can delete your existing Snapchat account quickly; only you will need to visit at this site
After visiting site, you can see here login page of Snapchat. You have to enter your login details on this page. Now follow these simple steps to delete your Snapchat account

Delete Snapchat Account

Step 1: Enter your Account details to login and Hit the Enter

how to delete snapchat account

Step 2: Here you can see DELETE MY ACCOUNT Option, click on it

Step 3: After clicking on it, it will ask you to enter your Passcode then click on Continue Button to complete this process

how to delete snapchat
how to delete snapchat account

Step 4: Now you can see Account deactivated message on your screen.

Your snapchat account will be removed and deleted automatically. You should note that, once you are deleting your snapchat account, you will not be able to retrieve it back. But you can create new snapchat account with the same username once after deactivating it. But you will no longer be able to access old conversation and friend’s list on snapchat account.

Do let us know if you are facing any difficulties in following those steps. We will be happy to create more detailed guide for you in our next article.