Blogging and online job is great for who do not want their boss in office.I also like to be my own boss. I had quite my job and became full time blogger because I don’t want to be pressurized by my boss anymore. I had been blogging since 2011 and learned lots from internet world as well as my favorite bloggers like Amit Bhawani, Neil Patel, Amit Agrawal and Harsh Agrawal.

I have been surfing online and using internet since 2004 but never knew about blogging till 2009. During my school and college time, I have also spent lots of hours in learning and research on blogging. Now I love blogging and also work in pajamas from home. Being online for several hours and spending time sitting on sit for long time can cause health issue. Being blogger, I know what are the health problem occurs when I sit on the same chair for long period. Here I would like to give some tips and solution for health issues caused to all my blogger friends.

Back Pain

Backpain While Sitting on Computer for Long Term Back pain can be divided anatomically: neck pain, middle back pain, lower back pain or tailbone pain.This happens while you sit for long time on computer. It is not one day or two days, when you spend 8-10 hours daily sitting on your computer, after two or three year you would face that problem. Backpain is Most Common Health Problems and it can be easily recovered and treated with physical exercise. Tips to treat & deal with back pain How to Sit on Computer to Avoid Back Pain

  • You should learn how to sit properly on computer to avoid more backpain. Refer the above image on how to sit on computer. If you sit close to computer bending your back, there is more chance to having back pain.
  • If you are having too much pain, you should really do some exercise and massage on back and spine as mentioned on Wikihow with video tutorial.
  • While sitting on computer, move around out side of your cabin or office for few minutes. Take rest and go for walking at morning or at night.

Time management

This is most important thing almost all full time blogger should really care of. While surfing online, sharing content and visiting other’s blog, we really don’t know when mind is diverted to other unnecessary things. E.g. If we are thinking to invest our time in blog commenting, we do it after reading every post of other blogs. Sometimes some blogs external links are diverting unnecessary things like gaming and etc. It would really waste your time on such unnecessary things such as playing online games and being online on social networking sites. Time Management for Better Blogging

  • You should first take look at your time schedule. Also note where is your most of time being spent. Refer that Time-Management Sheet and try to reduce the time span of unnecessary work.
  • Keep your computer table out of bed room or where playing kids. It should be separate room/office or on silent place where there is no disturbance of anything.
  • Important thing is to create time schedule of your work and try to work as per schedule. It would helps you to publish more post with SEO optimized content.

If you are starting new blogs, It would be helpful Tips for Starting a Blog and make you physically & mentally fit while blogging.