Want to send Paypal Invoice, but don’t know how to? Check out this article on how to make an invoice using PayPal.

Most Online marketers and Freelancers use PayPal to send & receive money from abroad. It also helps you to get paid for your freelance work online or you can send money using PayPal. You don’t need any invoicing or account software, since PayPal allows you to send an invoice to your client and get paid.

How do I receive money through PayPal?

PayPal itself acts as a bookkeeping software and you even get a direct link to the invoice that you can send to your client and they pay your invoice online. There are mainly 3 ways to get paid via PayPal, you can either use the PayPal request money feature, PayPal.me link, or PayPal invoicing system.

If you don’t know much more about that, we will discuss all those 3 options in PayPal to receive money on your PayPal account. If you don’t have a PayPal account already, you can signup for a new PayPal account and receive money from all countries directly to your Bank account safely.

PayPal Request Money Feature

You can directly request money via a PayPal account without creating an invoice. All you need is your client’s PayPal email address & you can send a Payment Request via PayPal to your client.

PayPal Request PaymentHow to Use PayPal request money feature?

  • Login to your Paypal account
  • Go to Tools > Request Payment Option
  • Enter the Email address there & Click on the Next button to Fill in the details further
  • Add a description there for what you are requesting payment. E.g. Invoice number/Reference/Service description there & Click on Request Payment button on the next page.

How to Request Payment via PayPal

You can see another option of creating an invoice or get your own PayPal.me link from the side of the page as well.

Your client receives a PayPal payment request to their PayPal account and once they make a payment, you will see that Payment to your PayPal account.

How to Send Invoice on PayPal

Sometimes, clients prefer to get an invoice for the freelancing service you have provided. You can even create a PayPal invoice & send it directly from your PayPal account. Check out the below steps to send a PayPal invoice directly.

How to create an invoice on PayPal

PayPal invoicing system has a lot of built-in features that help you to create a professional invoice online.

  • Log in to your PayPal account
  • Go to Tools > Invoicing Option

how to send paypal invoice

  • Click on the +Create Invoice button

On the next page, you will see the PayPal invoicing option where you will need to add your service/payment details + Amount + Email address of your client.

how to invoice on paypal

You can add your client’s email address on Bill to option, and cc someone if there are multiple people from one company. On the top, you can create an invoice number, invoice date, Reference number along with Due date. So that your client will receive an email via PayPal to make payment notifications when the due date is passed.

You can even customize a Paypal invoice by adding your Brand’s logo, Discount percentage, shipping cost, service description, and much more on the invoice.

To send a PayPal invoice, just click on the send button on the top and you will see two options. Send via PayPal & Share link myself. If you want your client to receive a PayPal invoice at their mail address, click on Send via Paypal & PayPal will take care of the invoicing system.

If you want to share a direct link to your invoice, just click on the Share link myself self and PayPal will give you a direct URL to your PayPal invoice. You can later send them an invoice link & ask them to pay that invoice using that Payment link.

how to send an invoice through paypal

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How to Create PayPal.me link

PayPal now also offers you to create PayPal.me a link where you can simply create PayPal.Me profile with your brand’s logo, and just create a link with the amount and send directly to someone.

If you don’t have already one, just follow the steps to create your PayPal.me link for any client anytime.

Create PayPal me link

  • On the next page, you will prompt to create your Profile.
  • Add your profile photo in the next step
  • Create a custom link with your name and click on the Next button

Create PayPal Payment LinkYou have done it.

We have also used Payoneer as a payment system to receive online freelancing payments, but Payoneer’s customer service is very bad as compared to PayPal. It takes 20-25 days to receive the client’s payment in the bank account, while PayPal sends money to the Bank account on the next day. However, Payoneer is the best option to receive Amazon affiliate Payment, as Payoneer offers the best conversation rates & lowest fees than PayPal.

Are you using PayPal or any other payment gateway to receive international payment online? Do share your thoughts in the comments below.


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