If you have a blog and want to monetize it to get money from your blog,apply for Google adsense.After getting approved from Google Adsense,the very first step is to  implement ads unit or enable Google adsense on our content pages.So that ads can appear on our content page and we can generate money from it.

Google adsense gives an opportunity to publisher earn from following ways:

What is Google adsense1 What is Google Adsense

1.Adsense for content

2.Adsense for Feeds

3.Adsense for Search

4.Adsense for domains

5.Adsense for Videos

6.Adsense for Games

7.Adsense for Mobile content

8. Adsense Page Level Ads (Updated on April 2016)

Out of Adsense for domain product is going to retired as per information published on Adsense help.So depending on your interest,you can earn money from your approved adsense account.

Better thing is to having a website with quality content along with good traffic.So that we can earn money from Adsense for content, Feeds & Search from one website.Adsense for content shows relavent ads on the pages, Adsense for feeds shows relevant ads on RSS feeds & adsense for Search allow you to earn money from ads shown on search result pages.

To start with Adsense for content,you need to create new adsense for content ad unit from your Google Adsense account.So log in to your Adsense account and create new adsense for content ad unit from there as shown in the screenshot here.

My ads Google AdSense

In your adsense account,choose new ad unit from Adsense account>My ads tab>Content>Ad unit sub tab.

Create new adsense for content ad unit

After clicking on new ad unit,you will land on the page that will look similar like this page.Here I have provided numbers,so that you can understand each point easily.

1.Name : The box where you have to give name to your content ads unit.You can give any name to that unit.Suppose you are creating 728×90 ads banner and your website url is yoursite.com than you can give yoursite.com 728×90 banner.However you can write your own name in that unit.I will recommend you to give name with your site and ad unit size,so it will be easily for you to track your adsense performance.

2.Ad Size : Ad size is the most important because best ads placement will always have high CTR & CPC rate than other.So placemement depends on size of ads box.i.e. You can not add 336×280 ads box on side bar if your sidebar width is only 200 px.Because it will oeverlap the theme and will look ugly.I will recommend you to such ads size that fits on your content without interfering theme and content.

3.Ads Type : Ads type is also a matter of checking while creating new adsense ad unit.I will recommend you to use text & image/rich media ads because mixed ads will have more change to attract visitors.Check which type of ads perform better.

4.Backup ads : The ads that you’d prefer to show when Google has no targeted ads available. By default, adsense will show a blank space. However, you can also choose to display ads from another URL, or a solid color instead.

5.Custom Channels : Custom channels are URL channels that used to track revenue from particular website.You can create new custom URL channels from your adsense account.You can have maximum 500 custom channels on your adsense account.Clicking on add button will add that custom URL channels with that ads,so whenever that ads unit got clicked,you will see earning from that added custom channel on your adsense account.

6.Ads Style : Ads style are recently launched features that allows you to choose ads unit style for your ads.You can choose background style , Fonts colour for ads, Fonts family etc from there.

7.Ads Preview :  Whatever changes you are applying to that unit,you will get live preview of that ads unit.

8.Save : Save button will save your ads unit & when you click on save and get ad code it will create new adsense ads unit and give you a code that you have to paste it on your website theme wherever you wish to add that adsense unit.If you are using blogspot as blogging platform,you can add any size of adsense ads unit on your template without creating ads code.

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