A Doughnut chart is a visually very attractive variation of Pie Diagrams. There are two types of these charts. Doughnut and Exploded doughnut charts. Let’s look at how you can design and manipulate data in Doughnut charts

Inserting Doughnut charts in PowerPoint

Doughnut chart is a default chart type provided in PowerPoint 2012. To insert a chart, just head over to Insert tab in the ribbon and choose ‘Chart’ from the drop-down.

You can find the above mentioned two types of charts in the ‘Doughnut’ section as illustrated below.

Inserting Doughnut charts in PowerPoint


You can manipulate sectors in the doughnut graph similar to that of a pie diagram using excel data. Simply create a new column and input the necessary value.

Inserting Doughnut charts in PowerPoint 2007 or earlier

There is a simple way to create a dough-nut by taking basic pie chart as a base.

  1. First, insert a Pie Chart into the current slide either by clicking on the chart icon on the dialog box or through Insert -> Chart
  2. Edit the chart type by right-clicking on the chart and selecting ‘Chart type’ from the drop-down and just choose the flat pie chart

Inserting Doughnut charts in PowerPoint -1

  1. Modify all the necessary data and remove the extra legends and scale toolbars that you get by default along with the chart
  2. Now in Autoshapes button in the dialog box, choose the Oval tool. Place it in middle of the pie chart with a smaller radius so the pie diagram looks like a ring
  3. The default background color of the oval shape may be light blue, just click on it and in Format, Choose the white color.
Inserting Doughnut charts in PowerPoint -2
You should have something similar to the illustration above. In the older version, it may look a bit duller/flat due to low-quality charts. If you face any problems while inserting doughnut chart, let me know through comments.


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