Google adsense is the best way to monetize our blog content and earn money from it.Google is best CPC(Click per Cost) advertising network that pays money to publishers and so tracking adsense earning more important incase of we are contributing on lots of revenue sharing websites and blog.

Custom channels lets you to track the performance of specific groups of ad units. You  can design your own custom channels and use them to view performance of ad units in ways that are meaningful to you.

Creating URL channels on Adsense

To create new URL channels,you need to login to your Google adsense account > My ads tab > Content > URL channels & from there you have to choose New URL Channel.After choosing that option, a separate box will appear there you will have to add URL of website.

Creating URL channels

You can add upto 500 URL channels from there.After clicking on Add URL channel button,URL channels will be in your adsense account.The URL channels will be useful when you are creating new adsense for content unit.That time you will have to add URL channels to the ads unit.An Adsense URL channel will track page views, clicks, click through rate (CTR), page eCPM, and estimated earnings for a single article or an entire site & display that information on your adsense account.

You can remove or deactivate any URL channels that are not in use.You can later track all performance of URL channels from your adsense account by going to Performance reports tab > URL channels.

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  1. I joined to adsense revenue sharing sites last February and I want to see if I am making any income from them. If I add their URL to my account, do I add the home address to the channel or the url of my profile page. I would like to know since May is about to end.

    Hoping for your kind assistance on this question.

    • You just need to enter the URL of that reveue sharing website on your adsense account.So you can see the earning from that site in to your account directly on your adsense dashboard.

  2. Hi! Thanks for the tip. I was able to add the two websites to my adsense account. The problem is I can’t see how they are doing. The status is active but how do I view the report. When I click the report button, it’s empty. Is there something else I need to do? I’ve been a member of these sites since February.

  3. I visited my account and there was no data on the report regarding the two sites that I joined.

    2 forum sites with adsense revenue sharing program. Zizula forum and http point webmaster forum.

    • Report will be displayed in your adsense dashboard, if the data available and ads impression appeared on your post.If your post could not able to get traffic, it will not count your ad impression and hence no data available.

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