Recently one of my friends gave me a gift of audio CD with a speech of Swami Vivekananda.I have entered it on my PC and played it on my PC, but since I was busy with my work, I could not listen to it via PC so I thought to add it on my mobile so I can listen to it anywhere at anytime.When I tried to copy that CD audio tracks to my android phone, suddenly I got shocked, I saw the files property, and it was saying only 4 KB.I searched a lot on the internet and finally, I found the solution for my question.

Copy Audio Disc as MP3

Audio Creator does that and primary intention of creating a track of audio is that anyone could not copy it.You will need to convert audio tracks to MP3 or other audio file formats to copy it and then you can copy it on your storage media.

Now the question is how to copy audio tracks as MP3 files?

Well, After lots of research, I found one best software that allows us to save audio tracks as MP3 file format and I have saved that audio track on my android phone successfully.Using CD to MP3 conversion, you create MP3 music files. MP3 is the most popular “compressed” audio format. It allows encoding CD to compressed MP3 files, which occupy less of disk space. The balance between quality of sound and file size may vary. MP3 files may seem very similar to original CD if they set to maximum quality. However MP3 files cannot keep 1:1 CD quality. Anyway converting CD to MP3 format is recommended in most cases because of its popularity.

All you need to do is just download the CDtoMP3converter from installing the program, whenever you wish to copy any audio tracks into any audible format, just right click the mouse button and choose the option extract to and convert into any audible extension you like.You will find your converted audio files into C:\My Documents\My Music folder.

Convert Audio tracks to MP3

CD to MP3 Converter’s feature:

  • Extract any audio tracks into your computer or storage drive easily.
  • Convert any audible extension.
  • Software size is only about 3 MB, so easy to install.
  • Easy to use software.
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You can download  CD to MP3 Converter @


  1. This is a good tutorial on how to copy tracks onto your computer. However, another way that I tend to use is to simply insert the CD and then go into iTunes and do it that way. The songs are then automatically added to my library.

    Both of them will achieve the same result, though.

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