Are you getting rid of reading long articles from Wikipedia ? Here is the solution for your problem.You can now convert any Wikipedia page in to MP3 audible format.

PEDIAPHON -Listen Wikipedia aritcles as MP3

Pediaphon is free web application allow you to listen Wikipedia articles from your computer.It is similar service like listening your favorite music on iPod, MP3 player or on multimedia cell phone.All you need to do is just type the work you want to listen from Wikipedia and the website search for your query on Wikipedia.If automatically convert that article in MP3 file format for you.You can download it and save it on your PC or listen to it online from your browser.If you like to listen women’s voice speaking article for you, you can choose the voice option from it.Likewise you can also listen the article in male voice.

The website supports English as well as non-English languages.The interesting section of website is your own text to speech,in which you can add your own typed documents or paste copied resource and it will generate it in to audible format for free.It supports flash, JAVA, iPad, iPod touch, iPhone , Windows media,podcast.You can also download Pediaphon android app from android market.


  • Let your computer speak article for you.
  • No need to read long articles on browser.
  • Convert Wikipedia article in to MP3 format.
  • Your own Text-to-speech section.
  • Voice of male/female is customizable.

Check out Pediaphone @ [Update : This is no longer available]