If you have ever come across some CD/DVDs containing protected audio that you can’t able to copy into your PC.If you are trying to copy it, you will have around 1-2 KB files on your PC, even CD/DVD has a large amount of song data stored in it.Those Protected audio CDs has protected by Digital Rights Management (DRM) from you.Thanks to JakeRuston for the tips.

Rip Copy Protected DVD/CD

Songs/Data which are protected by Digital Rights Management (DRM) are only able to listen. Those DRM protected disks are not able to copy anywhere. If you want to transfer in MP3 player or hard disk drive, you can not do the task due to protected Audio CD protection.

Here is the explanation which lets you to  makes it work in any version of iTunes and adds some advantages.After doing following stpes you will be able to play that CD/DVD in your car, on another MP3 player, or any player other than an ipod or computer. The problem is that Apple has made sure that you can’t do this. No matter how many times you attempt to burn the CD, your burn wont be finished, the CD disc will pop out, and a error message will tell you that “The attempt to burn a disc-failed. The device failed to respond properly, unable to recover or retry.” If you enjoy doing exercises in futility, read further.

convert DRM to mp3

The first thing you have to do is Download and Install iTunes free for PC or Mac from the Apple website.Then set your iTunes import Preference to MP3, or whatever you want. Burn it as audio CD & create a new playlist from there.Now drag and drop the songs from music library to new playlist.Now select Burn Playlist to Disc from the menu.If this method is tedious for you, you can also use the following easy tricks to perform your task.

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