Transmute is a bookmark converter & Bookmark manager for your saved bookmarks. It can import & export bookmarks, or favorites, between Firefox, IE, Chrome, Opera, Safari, Konqueror and more. Here is the free software that allows you to sync bookmarks between your browsers so that you would never lose your single bookmark. Just use this free tool and Import & Export Bookmarks Between Browsers Easily.

Bookmark converter, bookmark manager Software

Many of us are using different browsers for surfing.I personally like Firefox & Chrome. Using two browser, we have some problems like visiting some website from Chrome and bookmarking which are not available on Firefox so first I have to open website from Chrome, copy address and paste it in Firefox.This is long and tedious precess, so to overcome the process I got a software for windows which allow us to convert bookmark & use it between major browsers.

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It is simple tool that lets you to backup and convert your bookmark for other browser so that you can gift your friend your bookmark collection, no matter what browser he uses.All you need to do is just download the software from Transmute website and start using it.

Transmute Features :

  • Convert & manage bookmark easily.
  • Remove Dead bookmark links automatically.( Related : Firefoxx Extension to remove unwanted bookmark)
  • Import & Export bookmark between browsers.
  • Supports majority of browsers like Firefox, IE, Chrome, Opera, Safari, Konqueror and more.

You can download Transmute @