Today, the scope and popularity of social networking sites is at peak. It has become a trend and also a need to have an account on social networking sites and most importantly to keep you up to date at these sites. People all over the world take great benefits from the social networking sites as these sites allow them to be in contact with friends and family as well as building and strengthening your social circle online.Privacy Over Social Networking Websites

The social networking sites such as Facebook and previously Orkut has also enable the users to make new connections. Almost 800 million plus people are having their account on the most popular and progressed site, Facebook, of today’s time. Being in association with such sites is leading people to share their personal and social life. At one side, the social networking sites are providing a way to enhance social links and overall contributing to the benefits for the general population in personal and professional lives. On the other hand, the cyber crimes and scamming is increasing day by day. The inclusion of personal information such as full name, phone numbers, home addresses, pictures and videos has given the scammers and cyber criminals an opportunity to take advantage.

To keep your personal information safe at social sites, it is the time to take it seriously to secure and take privacy measures. So that not giving any chances to the cyber criminals to make use of your pictures or any of the persona data for their benefits. You can take the following guidelines in consideration if you really want protection of your personal sharing at social sites.

  • Rechecking Privacy and Account Settings

Make sure that you have not shared your private information to the public. Check the settings and only allow your acquaintances to the information you need to let them see. Try to change your passwords from time to time.

  • Strengthening your Passwords

The passwords should include symbols, numeric terms and alphabets. There shouldn’t be an obvious single word. Try not the make a password linked to your personal data. But while creating a complex password, ensure that you are going to remember this. Try to answer the security questions with non obvious answers so that you can retrieve your account in case you forget your password.

  • Careful Attitude towards adding new People

You should be very vigilant about whom you are adding to your network. It is better to add and expose your information to those people whom you personally know. At Facebook, you can also make yourself hidden to the public so that the strangers cannot add you.

  • Vigilance in using Applications

The applications, quizzes and games you go and play are a way for the scammers to get into your profile. Try not to use too much games and quizzes apps for social security reasons.

  • Caution in clicking links

There are a number of links that find access to your profile without permission even through a friend. Such links shouldn’t be clicked as they are developed by scammers. Such malware can allow the cyber criminals to get into your private information.

These guidelines can help you to make your privacy over social networking websites. Even if you observe something suspicious or any account which you think is created by scammers, immediately report it.