Frequently getting the issue with your Netflix ? Here in this guide, we are going to discuss few of the most common problems with Netflix and solution to it. Here you will be able to find error cods and solution for Netflix, common Netflix problems on iPhone, iPad, Android and PC. We’ll also walk through steps to take if you have trouble streaming Netflix to your Apple TV, PS4, Xbox One and another connected device.

Is Netflix down ? Don’t worry about it because we have some tricks to solve Netflix slows down problem. In this article, you will also get the Netflix error code solution. Also, you can solve Netflix problem on iPhone, iPad, Android, and PC computer.

Streaming Problems with Netflix

Mostly you will see netflix keeps loading, that might because of a slow connection. If you are facing a problem with Netflix streaming, you might be having slow internet speed. you will need to check your internet speed online from or run on your device Speed test application.

Streaming Problems with Netflix
Problems with Netflix

If you are having high-speed data plan and even you are seeing your netflix keeps buffering, check below netflix troubleshooting steps.

How to solve Netflix streaming problems

  • Reboot your router : Deactivate your wireless router from power for 40 to 60 seconds then activate it.
  • Change WiFi router location.  Change your router location or move it to a higher location
  • Restart your device like iPhone, Game Console, Smart TV,
  • Restart your modem. Deactivate your internet modem for 40 to 60 seconds
  • Upgrade to high-speed internet plan

If you are still facing slow steaming on your device, you can check further guide about how to improve Netflix streaming On any device here.

Netflix Error 1011 & 1012

1011 and 1012 are the most common Netflix problem on Apple iPhone or Apple iPad device or with your PC.To solve this problem you need to reset your netflix application on apple iPhone or iPad

How to Reset Netflix App

  • Go to your phone “Setting” menu
  • Now Scroll down to find “Netflix” application
  • Click on the “Netflix” application, in the Netflix application page you can see “Reset” slider button
  • Slide the “Reset” button to reset Netflix application
  • Press home button and open Netflix application again
  • Reboot your device & you have done

Reset Netflix App by Reinstalling it

  • Uninstall Netflix application from Apple iPhone or iPad
  • After deleting application reinstall it on your phone

Check below video on how to fix Netflix Error 1011 easily.

Netflix Error 12001

Netflix Error 12001 is android smartphone Netflix error. Whenever you see this error on your Android smartphone, it means you need to clear your old and junk netflix application data from the phone. First of all, restart your Android smartphone and check problem is solved automatically if that process doesn’t try to clean Netflix application data

How to clear Netflix application cache data From Android

  • Go to “Setting” menu
  • Now select “Application Manager” option
  • Click on the Netflix application
  • Here you can clear all application data by pressing “Clear Data” button
  • Then Press “Ok” button

Check below video on how to fix Netflix Error 12001 easily.

Netflix Error 1016 is the most common Netflix error in Apple iPhone, iPad, iPod touch. Usually, this indicates that your internet connectivity has issued during playback according to their official website.

How to fix 1016 error

  • Swipe up from your iPhone or iPad home screen
  • Now click on the “Airplane” mode button
  • Wait for 40 to 60 seconds
  • Now deactivate “Airplane” mode and reopen Netflix application

Apple TV Problems with Netflix

If you cannot stream Netflix on your Apple TV don’t worry about it and follows these steps to fix Apple TV Netflix problem.

Apple TV Problems with Netflix

  • Restart your Apple TV and unplug from internet connection
  • Wait for 30 to 50 seconds
  • Now, Turn on Apple TV and Internet connection

This will fix this problem with apple TV

  • Sign out from Netflix service for few seconds and again sign back in after few seconds
  • If all these process are fail, you need to update your Apple TV device software

Netflix PS4 Problems

For common problem on PS4, you may need to reinstall Netflix application on PS4 device. Check below steps to delete Netflix on PS4 device. 

  • Go to AV (Audio & Videos) screen on PS4 device
  • Click on the option button on the PS4 controller
  • Now select “Delete” option then click on “OK” button
  • Re-install Netflix on your PS4 device and open it

Contact Netflix customer support

If still you are not able to fix your netflix problems, you can also contact netflix customer support and get help from them. You can always contact netflix using chat, phone calls or twitter @NetflixHelps. You can also share your Problems with Netflix in our forum and get answered by experts.