When you start writing your blogs, you are filled with passion and energy to write more and more, but within a few weeks, your dreams come to shatter because few people comment on it. Then you think what a cold world it is no one gives a damn of what you write and think.

How To Get More Comments On Your Articles

Why is getting comments important?

The advantage of getting user generated content is many. All the content written is unique in its own way but comments give an additional value to the freshness of your content. It is always a topic of debate whether a large number of comments are indicative of higher rankings or not. It is better to do more research on your keyword so that you can get comments. A more innovative way to get comments through social networking sites will also help a lot.

The comment section of the blog posts makes the blog an interactive platform. Comments are the best way to get connected to your reader and reply to them in return which gives a personal touch to your blogs.

The more comments a blog receives, the more growth the blog experiences. But many of the bloggers do not try to get more visitors to their blogs so that they can leave comments. The most effective ways to get more comments are:

  1. Allow more and more visitors to subscribe:  There are many readers who do not comment when they visit your blog first time. They want to know you primarily. You can provide them with a chance of subscribing to your blog posts by proposing them with incentives such as free reports, webinar or videos.

  2. Email can be emphasized more in comparison to RSS: On an average, more and more subscribers are present on your email, approximately four times higher as compared to the RSS feed subscribers. More engagement will amount to more subscribers. Consequently, give more focus on your email and let RSS feed button fade away.

  3. Try to publish less often: If you publish more often then you might get fewer comments on your blog. When you publish, lot readers will get overwhelmed and slowly-slowly your main blog will stop receiving comments as it used to get previously. If you publish your content say once a week then there are chances to get more comments than usual. if you don’t have much time, you can schedule your blogpost so that it can be published on your mentioned time.

  4. Email your subscribers who do not open the mail you sent:   When you send your blog posts to your subscriber, they may or may not open them. You might think that your articles do not appear interesting to them, right. Wrong. They are interested but it is quite possible that they will have overlooked them. In such a case when your subscriber does not read your email and not open it, you can use software to check those subscribers who have not opened your email and send your email again to those subscribers. Aweber is software, which helps to keep a track of people who open your blog emails. The traffic will be increased and you will get more comments in return.

  5. Ask for links: Not All traffics are produced equally, there is always a difference. When your website gets a link of an authority, then the visitors will comment more rather than those visitors who search about you on social networking sites. Links are a good way of getting more comments for your blog. Twitter or Facebook can be used for links, and explain how your post will help the site’s audience. You should not be pushy in this and just offer it as a resource and nothing else. You shall be in amazement by knowing how much they link to you.


  1. Thanks for the above great tips for getting more readers attention towards commenting. be active on other blogs by commenting or discussing and in turn our blogs also receive good comments.

  2. well written tips on increasing comment. A blogger feels happy when he gets comment. I’ll try to apply your tips

  3. Impressive post in increasing the comment on blog post. I do write a lot, but dont get enough comments on my post. But feel likes your suggest would surely add value to my blog.

  4. Excellent post! Well yes, comment section is an interactive place and comments are the best way to get connected to readers and thereby increasing the user engagement on blog posts. This is a great way to show care to the readers and well listed methods to increase comments. Thanks John for sharing this info 🙂

  5. Bhavesh,

    Comments are not key to gauge the success of any blog but if a blog has some useful information then users will definitely poke into say Thanks or leave some sort of comment.

    End of the day Content is the key

  6. Hi,

    Sensible post. Many enthusiasts respond to the posts which are matching their thoughts and expectations. They love reading : posts which give latest information about gadgets, posts which reflect contemporary times and posts which have something to offer. Else nobody is interested in wasting time by writing.

  7. I agree with your all points but have controversy on third point. In my view you should publish at least 2-3 posts in a week specially when you are a newbie. I know you will get less comments when you post moves down on your homepage but still 2-3 posts a week is important for ranking.

  8. Helpful article. I am just starting out with my blog and I decided to learn about readership early on so I can promote it as it begins growing.

    Your tips will definitely come in handy. Thanks.

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