Make Your Blog CommentLuv & Reward Your Commentators

Commentluv WordPress plugin
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  1. karan says:

    Exactly. This is the first thing I did after starting my blog:D

    1. Karan, I have visited your blog and I must say you have awesome collection of articles on your blog.
      Keep it up.

      1. karan says:

        thanks a lot bro. Love your blog too. The best thing is that you come up with one new post everyday. That’s something I have tried hard to do but failed..

  2. iphone app reviews says:

    Bhavesh – You are so right. I put commentLuv on my page and it’s fantastic. Soon as I can afford to I’m going to upgrade to the premium edition. So far I’m loving the results and the comments have increased over time. I also set it up so all comments get dofollow links as a thanks for making my site more interesting.

  3. Radhitya says:

    I have a blog with CommentLuv enabled but the problem is too many spam comments and it is very annoying, I do not have much time to moderate each comment so temporarily I turn off the comments and do not display the comment form. Although there are several advantages of using CommentLuv such as high traffic.

    1. It is not always like that we are receiving lots of spamy comments after enabling commentluv, but we will get more genuine comment on our blog.The best example is yours comment.
      The people who seriously want to build backlink for their blog will post genuine comment to get it approved on commentluv enabled blog.
      Enjoy commenting:D

  4. SEO Universiteit says:

    This is a very good plugin. And stimulates the amount of comments on a page. Although I sometimes wonder if the admin will be more strict in moderating the comments. Because it could attract more spammy messages.

    But does it only work for wordpress related sites? Or will it also work for CMS such as joomla and Drupal?

    1. Yes, this plugin is only useful for WordPress website.However if you run other than WordPress CMS platform, you can try implementing IntenceDebate comment system.It helps you to add commentluv on your platemform easily.

  5. Bhawika says:

    Ohh! this plugin is very useful for my entertainment bollywood wordpress site as. Thanks for posting.