Recently we have discussed about CouponPress WordPress theme which allow you to create coupon based website on WordPress platform. One of our reader Sonika has suggested about Clipper WordPress Theme. Her query was, “I think I need to check it, but I have also heard lots of positive review about Clipper WP theme.I have seen so many website using anonymous themes but Clipper WP theme is something different.Please share your review on Clipper WP theme if you have.

Clipper WP Theme Full Review & Discount - Create Coupons Website

You can check out demo of Clipper WordPress theme live from Latestcouponportal. We have installed clipper WordPress theme there for demo and started website based on this. Here you would find full review of clipper WP theme below. You can create fully functional coupon based website by adding your affiliate links to your product. Interesting thing is that, you would not have to optimize the theme for SEO.

This is homepage preview of Clipper WordPress theme, looking like most advanced theme. You can add sidebar banners or homepage banners along with featured coupons slider. So it would display coupons which you have configured to show as featured. It would helps you to boost your affiliate product links quickly though homepage link.

Here is the post page preview. It would shows featured images with promo code, rating system by visitors. So visitors can easily vote up or vote down depending on coupon code or offer works for them. At the bottom, there would be post page, where you can add additional information about the review product or detailed information about that discounted offers.

On sidebar, you can monetize it by adding ads code or affiliate banners to it. You can also display subscribe banners, popupar coupon codes and other ads widget depending on your choice.

Post page Preview of Clipper WP Theme

Post page review from Admin Panel :

Coupon Code Clipper Theme Review from Admin Panel

While publishing coupons or promotional offers on your blog using clipper theme, there would be post page. You have to publish coupons from coupons dashboard instead of regular post. If you wish to publish post from regular post new option, it would categorized under blog and you would not see coupon or promotion edition options there.

It has three types of posts you can publish. First one is Coupon code, second is printable coupon and third one is promotion.

Coupon code : It would allow you to show coupon code on post page and you will need to enter coupon code, expiration date along with destination URL. On destination URL, you can add your affiliate links if you have any. It would mask your affiliate links and show shortened clean links that don’t look like affiliate links.

Printable coupons : You can publish coupon code that is printable by your users and can be redeemed on preferred store.

Promotion : That is most interesting option for affiliate marketers. They can publish their affiliate links by masking it and giving discount through their affiliate links from this option.

When you publish any coupon codes with expiry dates, after it’s expiry date,it would be still indexed on Search Engine Results page but it would be shown in slightly light colored than other posts.

Expired Coupon Codes on Clipper WordPress Theme

There would be so many interesting options available on your admin panel for clipper WP theme after you install it. You would be able to see extra options like clipper, payments and coupons.

Clipper : This option would allow you to manage themes colors, ads, emails and much more things from your WordPress Admin Panel.

Payments : It would allow you to setup payment on your Clipper themes using Paypal or direct bank transfer.

Clipper WordPress Theme Review 2014

Coupons : This coupon panel from clipper WordPress theme would allow you to maintain your entire coupon based site from there.You can create new coupons, add coupons categories, coupon tags, create new stores, coupon types and reports.

Ehowportal Review about Clipper WP theme :

I have personally used this theme on Latestcouponportal and I must say it is having all facilities that every coupon site needs. It would boost your affiliate conversation rapidly, if you can get traffic on your blog, these theme would convert your traffic into affiliate sale.

Clipper WordPress Theme Advanced Features :

  •  Custom Write Panel for publishing your coupons with expiry date and affiliate links.
  • Monetize your coupon sites and accept payments using Payment Gateways Plugins.
  • Color Schemes & Layouts available for better user experience.
  • Advanced Link Cloaking & Tracking.(Related : Prettylinkpro )
  • Dedicated Store & Category Pages for better navigation.
  • Custom Email Templates for new registrations and coupons.
  • Custom Submit Coupon Form
  • Coupon unlimited Stores & coupons posts
  • Advertising Support – You can show Google AdSense or affiliate banners on your blog to monetize your blog.
  • Customer Coupon Management – Personalized dashboard for customers to view and manage their coupons.
  • Statistical System with complete reporting and tracking.
  • Child Themes and Plugins supports
  • Subscription by email for better marketing by email.

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