Want to Know How To Clear Cookies On Chrome browser? Check out below article with a video tutorial on clearing Chrome cookies easily.

Do you know many website store cookies and cache files on your computer? Those cookies are small sized files that your browser stores on your computer for so many reasons. They help you to stay logged into your favourite website like Facebook or else. You might have noticed that when you clear cookies on your browser, any site, you are already logged into will ask you for login again.

Those cookies also keep track of your shopping cart so that you might not miss your favourite item from any shopping website. It can also keep a record of how many web pages you have visited. You might have sometimes noticed, that when you are searching for something, similar ads will be shown up on the page you are visiting.

There are so many reasons that you will need to enable cookies on your browser, but not all the time. Sometimes, you don’t want others to check which website you browsed last night. Maybe you are a porn addict, and you have recently visited some porn sites. Now you don’t want others to check which site you have visited. Maybe you don’t like to be followed from site to site. By clearing the cookies from a browser will help you not to show your visited websites in browser history and pages.

How To Clear Cookies On Chrome

How To Clear Cookies On Chrome

To start with clearing cookies on your Google Chrome, you need to follow the steps below.

  • Go to Setting from top right menu
  • At Bottom, you will see show advanced Setting
  • You will see content setting & clear browsing datahow to delete cookies on chrome
  • To clear cookies, we will have to select content setting option

Once you select a content setting option, you will see popup menu as shown below.

clear cookies chrome

Here we have to select all cookies and site data option from there as we want to delete cookies from Chrome browser.

how to clear cookies for a site

You will see a list of websites you have visited along with cookies stored by that internet site. Now if you want to remove cookies for a particular website, you can search for that website from search option provided here.

If you want to delete all Chrome cookies, click on remove all option from there.

If you need more help about deleting cookies or cache from your Chrome browser, check out below video on How To Clear Cookies on Chrome Browser quickly.

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