Updated on 23-10-2019: Chitika is no longer available, try alternative ways to make money online from here.

Whenever you plan to start making money online, the first thing will come in your mind is applying for Google Adsense & have a blog.  But Google Adsense is not for everyone, sometimes they reject you or sometimes your Google adsense account gets banned for some reason. Sometimes you want to make side income other than Google Adsense on your blog.

There are so many Adsense alternative networks available nowadays. I have personally used Chitika on a few of my blogs & got good results with them too. Chitika can be used as a Google adsense alternative on your blog. You can use both Google Adsense & Chitika together on your blog. They have a similar platform just like Google Adsense, so you can monetize your blog using Chitika Ads popular available ads banners & text ads on your blog.

Chitika Review - Contextual Ad Network For Blog

Ads network like Chitika helps you to make extra bucks when you are getting traffic on your blog but you can’t make money using the affiliate marketing model. Check out this article to find out an overview of Chitika which has the lowest minimum payout threshold.

Even if your blog is having very low traffic & you want to use a premium ad network that shows high-quality ads relevant to your content, you can make use of Chitika. If you have quality content & receiving a good amount of traffic on your blog, I would recommend you to place a small banner or text ad on your blog to give it a try. Maybe a small ad spot on your blog will get you some extra income from your blog.

Chitika Ad Network Review

Quite similar to the Adsense of Google, Chitika is also a display contextual advertisements on blogs that are highly relevant to the content available on your blog.

Chitika Approval process

It’s easy to get approved by Chitika & good thing about that is, their approval criteria is not as difficult as Google adsense. So any blogger can get approved by Chitika, if you want to apply for Chitika, Click here to create an account with Chitika.Chitika Ad Code Generator

Once you getting approved, you can get your ad code from Chitika Dashboard > Ads > Ad code generator. Here select the ad type from the drop-down option & click on get code to place on your blog.

Now add that code on your blog using Javascript that is shown when you click on Get code button. They limit the number of ad units per page just like Google Adsense. Adsense has removed their limit of placing ad banner per page, but for Chitika, it’s still applicable.

Chitika Referal program

If you are a Chitika publisher, you can get paid by referring a new publisher to Chitika. You will earn 10% of the revenue earned by Chitika publishers you referred for 10 months from their signup date.

So if you are a Chitika publisher & earning a good amount of revenue from them, try creating a review article about Chitika or share your Chitika affiliate links from the article. You can make passive income from the publishers you have referred to.

How Does Chitika Work

When a user searched something on a search engine or on your site, they will show an ad with the relevant keywords, so that user can click on ads to know more. It pays per click(CPC) so when someone clicks on your ads, it will be credited to your Chitika account. Once you reach the minimum payout amount, you will get paid using the available payment method selected on your account.

Chitika earnings Dashboard

Here is Chitika Earning dashboard for your reference, how it looks like. I have blurred some part of that report for the privacy but when you signup for Chitika, your account will look like this.

Chitika vs Adsense

If you compare Adsense vs Chitika, Chitika has a minimum payout of $10. While Adsense will pay you when you reach a minimum payout of $100. No doubt Google adsense is the best but you can make use of both ads together on your blog to make some more of it.

Chitika Review

Benefits of using Chitika

  • In the case of Google Adsense, the earning amount and process of evaluation will be greatly affected if the company determines to change the algorithms and rules. With Chitika, you will feel more relevant and secure as the bloggers can use it alongside the Adsense.
  • Once you create an account for Chitika, there is no need for any further approval in order to put more ads.
  • Alternatives to Google Ads or you can also use it along with Google adsense.
  • Chitika is also quite beneficial when it comes to the minimum threshold payout limit which is just $10 with PayPal.

Chitika Payment Method

Chitika was previously paying money via PayPal, but it seems they have updated their payment method & users will get paid via Payoneer.

If you don’t have a Payoneer account, you can signup for Payoneer for FREE which is the best alternative to PayPal & they have low fees for the currency conversation as compared to PayPal.

Your Turn

Are you new to the blog? Want to make money blogging but not sure from where to start? I have created an email course on blogging for you, which will help you step by step guide to getting started with creating your blog & make money from it. If you haven’t joined the course yet, you can leave your email address below to join the FREE course on blogging.

Do let us know about your blogging journey & how do you make money from your blog. Do you use such an ad network or using affiliate marketing to monetize your blog? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.


  1. Well, Chitika is a popular online advertising network and a good alternative to Google adsense. And it has good benefits as listed, especially minimum threshold payout limit which is just $10 with PayPal. Thanks John for sharing this info 🙂

  2. Yes..the bloggers who can’t earn from Adsense can earn easily from Chitika. It has good reputation too. Another thing aafter you earn $10 Chitika will pay you but in Adsense after $100 you get payment

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