Whenever search algo updated by Google, it is the biggest headache for publishers, blog owners and also SEO companies. Because they have to make changes according to the new algo updates to stay in the competition. We have talked about preventing blog from panda update, Panda and Penguin update was critical issue for few blogs and affected them very badly. If you are managing any blog, you might have seen traffic update on your blog sometimes, but you don’t know which algo hit your blog’s traffic and ranking. Here we will look into handy tool for SEO that will help you find out if your blog is affected by Google’s Search Algorithm updates or not.

If you are seeing any traffic drop on your blog, you need to check which algo has affected your blog’s traffic and ranking. After you get things clear, you can proceed to initial steps towards recovering traffic by making necessary changes depending on Google Algorithm Updates. Because Panda and Penguin updates are working differently than other updates.Panda and Penguin are the biggest Algorithm Examples that even wipe low quality blogs from SERP.

E.g. Panda update was specifically targeting for lower quality content and blogs. While Penguin update was specially targeting blogs with bad linking and low quality links. Once you find out which is the cause of you traffic drop, you can take necessary steps to recover your blog from search updates.

Penguin Penalty Checker Tool

We have found the tool @ barracuda-digital.co.uk that will show you about algo update and your blog’s traffic. It is very simple that, it creates a timeline of your blog’s traffic and show you whenever algo updated in the past. So when both are plotted in single graph, you will be able to see raise in traffic or drop in traffic due to which update.

Google Penalty Checker
Google Penalties Checker Tool

You can also on or off panda, penguin local, structural updates to check exact Google penalties that affected your blog traffic from there. You just need to grant Google Analytics access to this tool and it will plot a traffic timeline vs Google Updates, for you to check which Google update affected your blog.You can find this tool from Baracuda digital for Penguin & panda checker tool.

Google Webmaster Tools

Google webmaster tools is another free tool you can watch about traffic status from your webmaster tools account. You can directly check for the traffic drop or increase in traffic from your Google webmaster tools account on specified date.

Google Webmaster Tools

After that find the date for major change in your blog’s traffic and check Google Algorithm Change History from moz for more information.It does not share real-time information but quite informative regarding traffic drop or raise for any blog.

SEMrush – Keyword Research Tool

SEMrush is one of my favorite keyword research tool, Interesting thing about it is showing organic traffic timeline for your blog as well as keyword ranking profile for your blog. You can also check your blog’s SEO profile using SEMRush Site Audit tool that helps you to analyse your blog’s seo like internal or external broken links, redirect pages and much more information that can be used to perform SEO audit for any blog. You can also find top ranking keywords for you blog, so you can create such more posts and get ranking your blog on SERP quickly.

SEMrush SEO Tool

Another best thing about SEMrush is you can also download all backlinks with anchor text in excel sheet for offline study and analysis. You can find your blog’s backlink on the basis of TLD authority, TLD disrtibution. Complete downloaded excel sheet will help you to check out whether the backlink is harming your website or not, if there is any backlink from pornographic content, you can contact blog owner to remove them or Disawaw links from Google to recover your blog from penalties.

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