Looking for Fake News Generator ? Want to generate fake news paper like story to prank your friends? Do check out this article on Fake News Generator website. You can easily prank your website using this Fake News  clipper tool. It will generate news like someone broke leg in accidents, fake celebrity death news and much more entertaining news. Try this website to generate fake news with your name.

Now make your fake newspaper clipping online like celebrity.Just open the website, add your first name and last name there to generate prank story of your own.

How to use Fake News Generator

It is very easy to use Fake News Generator, check out below tutorial on this.

Fake News Generator
Timepass – Celebrity Fake News Prank Story Generator

Go to fakeawish.com and enter your first name & last name. Choose male or female and click on go to generate fake shocking story to prank your friends on social sites.

Bhavesh Sondagar Fake News Articles

It will generate few fake news articles with your name.Not only fake lines but entire article will be generated with your name.You can choose any of the link provided from there and you will see new page like popular news paper headlines.

Fake News Generater

Here is one of the article page generated with my own name. If someone generated your name from fakeawish.com and you want to remove your name from fakeawish.com. you can drop your request on name removal.

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Fake Newspaper Generator Features

  • Just enter first name and last name and country
  • Easy to use
  • Prank friends and family members on social sites

Try this cool Fake News Generator website @ here

Are you already used this fake news stories generator site, let us know your feedback about this site. Do you know any other fake newspaper article generator tool for prank? Do suggest us, so that we can include this in our website.