The question was being asked so many times and even I was too searching for capturing screenshot of my Dell XCD35 android mobile.The basic need of capturing screenshot of my device was only to post a cool android apps on my blog.It is most useful when you want to share something important tutorials from your phone.

Before proceeding further, you need to download software on your PC like Sun Java SE Development Kit (SDK) and Android SDK . After downloading those both software on your computer, unzip the folder on your local drive of PC.Now connect your android device to your PC and choose Applications icon from the home screen> Settings>Applications> Development.Choose the Development option from there.Choose the USB debugging mode from the option.

How to Capture Screenshots On Android devices

Now launch Android SDK manager from folder and it will prompt you to download some packages.Download packages for your android devices,.Say if your phone android version is 2.2 than download only 2.2 packages on your computer rather than installing all packages.

Now After downloading, you will have open android-sdk-windrows folder> Tools> ddms. Choose the ddms button from your computer.It will initialize and launch the windows as mentioned here.

How to Capture Screenshots On Dell XCD35

Now Choose the device option from the menu bar of that windows & screen capture option.Or you can directly press Ctrl+S button from your keyboard.It will show you the captured image from your mobile.Here is the screenshot taken from my mobile.

Dell XCD35 screenshot

Here is the screenshot my mobile taken from SDK tool.I have not rooted my android yet and still able to capture screenshot of it.The application has successfully tried on my Dell XCD35 but not tried on other phones.Let me know if you have tried this on your other android phone.Did it work for your android Phone? share your experience with it by commenting in the comment section below.

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