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How To Capture Screenshot on Android Phone

How To Capture Screenshot on Android Phone
Android Phone How to Screenshot

Taking a screenshots for any blogger or any computer guy could be a daunting experience. Though with Android 4.0, you have a built in way to Take Picture of Android Screen, however, it not benefit you if you still use the earlier versions of Android OS. Whether you use an Android based phone or tablet, you have the option of capturing screenshots without actually rooting your devices.

However, by rooting your phone devices, you could get some neat tricks even when you use Android 4.0. You could capture a couple of screenshots by shaking up your device or remotely through a web browser. The following are few of the ways to capture screenshot on Android phones. Here in this article, you will learn about How to Do a Screenshot of existing screen of your android smartphones or tablets.

Using Android SDK

You can capture screenshots via any Android device, which uses Google’s Android SDK. Once you set up the Android SDK, all you need to do is to connect your Android based phone or tablet device to your PC using a USB cable and simply fire up the SDK. Though it may not prove out to be a user friendly kind of application to install it, however, once you do it, the rest of the part is very easy to accomplish.

Manufacturer Shortcuts

Android Phone How to Screenshot
Android Phone How to Screenshot

Some of the manufacturers simply build special screenshot shortcuts over their pre installed Android 4.0 devices. For instance, on some of the Samsung Android devices like the Galaxy S II and Galaxy Note (the pre ICS versions), you could press the Power and Home buttons at the very same time in order to capture the screenshots. However, in practice, you are supposed to press and hold the Home button followed by quickly pressing the Power button.

For Galaxy S, you are supposed to press and hold the Back button along with the Power button, or you could even try to press the Back button and continue double tapping the Home button. The various pre-Android 4.0 based devices utilize a wide range of shortcuts. If you are not aware of the built-in screenshot shortcuts, simply a Google search could unveil this to you.

For most of the device, you can press and hold power button and volume down button to tell your Android Save Screenshot of current screen.

Using AShot alias Android Screen Capture

AShot is basically a free and open source Best Screen Capture for Android to capture screenshots over your Android devices from your PC. It simply requires the Android SDK installed and configured in a right manner. AShot caters you a wide range of benefits over the Android SDK screenshot feature. These benefits include near real time streaming of the Android’s screen to the Ashot app over your PC. You are not required to keep clicking the refresh button unlike in the SDK.

Using Screen Capture App for Android

These are basically manufacturer specific hooks in the operating system, which help some of the apps to render a simple to use, on-device method to capture the screenshots. For instance, in Samsung Galaxy S, Galaxy S II (pre ICS), and Galaxy Tab users, the users can take the help of Screen Capture Shortcut Free to simply capture the screenshots without actually rooting their devices.

The other example of the Best Screen Capture App is AndroSS that can help you in capturing screenshots over Android devices without the root access over Tegra devices. Again, if you do not know about the existing applications over your devices simply search out the Google Play Store and check it out. Nowadays, there are so many Android Screen Recording Software and apps available in Play Store that will help you to capture or record screen of your smartphones.

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Taking screenshots both in Windows and Mac based computers is simply a click away thing, however, this is not the case with Android based devices. You can use any of the above methods to Take a Screenshot on Phone easily. Do let us know how do you take screenshot of your device or which is your favorite Screenshot Apps for Android in the comment section below?


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