Are you an Amazon Prime member? And Want to cancel your amazon prime subscription Now. Don’t worry!

We all know Amazon is offering Amazon Prime trial for first few days. You can signup for 30 days FREE Trial for Amazon Prime from here. You can easily cancel your Prime membership from Amazon before your trial ends or if you like it, you can continue it.

Canceling Amazon Prime Membership

Here In this post, we will be talking about the Amazon Prime Membership cancellation. You might have subscribed to Amazon Prime trial and at the end of the trial or before that, you want to cancel your prime subscription but don’t know how to cancel your prime membership on Amazon.

In the Amazon Prime Membership, Your membership is automatically set to renew at the end of your chosen subscription period, When you sign up for Amazon Prime service. You can disable auto-renewal feature at any time on the Amazon website and include during a Trial Period.

How to Cancel Amazon PrimeHere are some few steps to cancel or terminate your Amazon Prime Trial and Membership at any time on the Amazon website:

Step 1: Go to the “Manage Prime Membership” page

Step 2: To cancel an Amazon Prime Trial, You have to click on “Do Not Continue” option. If you don’t cancel your Amazon Prime Trial, then you will automatically continue to paid Prime membership at the end of the free Trial period.

End your Amazon Prime MembershipStep 3: To cancel a paid Amazon Prime membership, you have to click on “End Membership” option to cancel your paid Amazon Prime membership. If you have haven’t used your Prime benefits, then you are eligible for a full refund. And you can not receive a refund if any of the household members have placed an order with Amazon Prime service.

Note: You can not cancel your Amazon Prime Membership if your Prime membership is associated with an another service and you receive through another company such as Sprint then you can not terminate your Amazon Prime Membership directly from the Amazon Website. You need to contact that company to manage your Amazon Prime membership.

How to Check if you are subscribed to Amazon Prime

You will need to check your credit card or bank statement to see if you have been charged any amount by Amazon for Prime membership or not.check amazon prime membership page

You can also check your Amazon Account’s Order history to find out if you have been charged for your Amazon prime after 30 days.

What to do if I need more help in canceling my Amazon prime subscription?

You can always get in touch with Amazon customer care for further help, as their customer support executives are very helpful.

We hope that this useful guide on “How to Cancel Amazon Prime Free Trial” has helped you.

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