How Google+ ciclres boost up Social Networking

Did you know that you can greatly boost your SEO – Search Engine Optimization by making use of Google+ Circles? Therefore, if you are searching for ways to enhance your ranking in Google, consider using Google+ Circles. Even though a number of online marketing experts have tried to convince online users that Google has not really managed to penetrate the social networking environment, there is no doubt that Google+ has assisted a number of bloggers to increase their ranking in search engines.

How Google+ ciclres boost up Social Networking

Discussed herein, are some of the ways you can utilize Google+ to boost your ranking in Google and other search engines:

#1: Acquire More Followers

Whereas this point may contrast everything you have learnt about social media, getting more followers will assist you in increasing your rankings. Note that every time someone is added in your circle, your ranking is increased by a margin.

Quality has always superseded quantity when it comes to social networks. However, quantity is the key to increasing your ranking in Google+. The more followers you have on your Google Plus the higher you will be ranked.  Quantity in this context refers to the number of followers you have in your circles.

But the million dollar question is, “How do you get more Google+ followers?” Illustrated below are some of the methods that you can utilize to add more followers to your circles:

  • Include Google+ social button on your blog or e-commerce.

  • If you have a blog or website, add a link that directs visitors to your Google+ profile page.

  • Leave a link to your Google+ profile page on every blog or site that you post comments on.

  • Encourage your friends or followers on  Facebook , Twitter , Google+ , MySpace ,Linkedin ,YouTube to follow you on Google+.

In addition to the above, you can increase your Google+ Circle by:

Using your e-mail address

There is a feature on Google+ that enables online users to send invitations to become part of your circles by simply using their Google e-mail address. This way, you can notify everybody in your e-mailing list that you have a Google+ account and that they can join your circle.

Advertising on various internet platforms

Advertising simply refers to using various online platforms accessible to you to inform others that you have a Google+ account. For example, if you have a large following on Twitter or many friends on Facebook, you can occasionally tweet your followers or update your friends concerning your new Google+ account.

#2: Register Authorship Using Your Google+ Profile

Google+ nowadays provide a means through which one can stick out in search engine results by simply requesting authorship for every article that you have published on the web. This way, your Google+ account details will show up in Google search results even though you may not be logged into your account.

#3: Add +1 Button on Your Blog

If you do not have a +1 button on your blog or site, then you are losing out. The +1 button is similar to social media buttons such as Like on Facebook.


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