You are visiting any website and you like it. What you would do? You would probably bookmark it for future reference. All bookmarks are messed up with each other if you have not set them categorywise. I have also bookmarked thousands of websites on my browser and always take backup of browser bookmarks. Well, if you have collection of lots of bookmarks, you probably wont have to time for check all of them. Few of bookmarks would be dead or removed from the respective site. Bookmarks checker is free tool that checks all your bookmarks for broken links or dead links and helps you to remove them quickly.

Bookmark Checker Firefox Plugin

Bookmark checker Firefox plugin would help you to check bad links or other errors, Find & remove duplicate bookmarks or empty bookmark folders. You can scan your bookmark located on your bookmark folder. After installing this plugin on your Firefox browser, you would be able to select scan mode. You can select separate folders to check with your bookmark.After setting up everything, you would show report from that plugin about bad links or other links available on your Firefox bookmarks.

Bookmark checker Firefox Report

You can directly open selected bookmark from the report to check it. Whether is is truely not working or 404 page of that website. You can directly delete that bookmarks from the option or add bookmark to whitelist if it’s wrongly suggest you about bad links.

If you are using Google Chrome and wants to check those bookmarks, you can manually transfer your bookmarks from Chrome to Firefox and then use this extension to check for unwanted bookmarks.

Bookmark Checker Firefox plugin Features :

  • Add bookmarks that you do not want to be scanned to ignore list.
  • Scans for 404 bookmarks, Time-out links or 403 favorites.
  • Scan for duplicate folders.
  • Scan for empty folders.
  • Scan in several threads.
  • Set timeout setting for bookmarks
  • Check bookmarks for broken or dead/broken links.
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Bookmark Checker Firefox Plugin - Check for Bad Links
Bookmarks Checker – check for bad links


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