Recently I have talked about Dumas beach at Surat. I personally like beaches so much than another place, as seeing never-ending ocean waves coming to shore is the best thing we can do to calm our minds. Its really peaceful atmosphere there & I felt all my thoughts in my mind getting vanished when I see those waves coming to me.

Looking for a popular tourist destination in South Gujarat? Tithal beach should be on your wishlist.

My Tithal Beach Trip

I have recently planned my trip to Tithal beach which was approx 95km from my home at Surat. I went there by car with my Wife & my cute baby Priyanshi. We started our journey to Tithal beach at around 10 AM in the morning & reached there within 2.5 hours.

Tithal beach is located alongside the Arabic Sea at Valsad, South Gujarat attracts local tourists, as well as international tourists & the main attraction on this beach, is black sand. A great place to spend your weekend with 2 popular temples which are Shri Swaminarayan Temple(BAPS temple) & Shri Sai Baba temple nearby.

Car parking

When you visit there, you first see the car parking which costs you around 20 rupees for the entire day but if you are with your family, better not to park your car there. Because you can go further to visit the BAPS temple at Tithal beach where you can find some snacks, icecreams, and foods at the Premvati hotel managed by BAPS temple.

If you have already brought food with you from your home & just wanted to enjoy the beach, the car parking option is the best. I have captured photos here but somehow it was deleted from my camera, so I will capture it again when I visit there and upload it here.

Tithal BAPS Temple

I visit each temple coming through my way, as I feel very good & calming when I am in a temple whether it is for any religion. I have captured a few photos here at the temple but it was around 1-2 PM so the sun was very hot and we went there to have some food. Especially my little baby was hungry and me too.

BAPS Swaminarayan Mandir at Tithal Beach

Here is how it looks like when you first enter into the temple, look from the front side. The big elephant made up of stones at the staircase. Take a look at the below picture which shows the beautiful designs in it.

Beautiful Elephant at Gate of Tithal BAPS Mandir

Photos clarity is not quite good as I am still learning it how to get optimized images for a blog post with high quality and good detailing into it. You will see that gradually in my upcoming posts.

At the beach

Now let’s come out of the temple & enjoy the beach. Even it was around 2 PM and the sun was very hot when we go to the beach, windy weather gives you a pleasant experience. Here are a few things you can do at Tithal beach.

Horse Riding: It’s a common thing on every beach in Gujarat, you will always find a horse or camel to ride there.

Camel Riding: This is another thing that we can do there, but the horse riding experience is very good than camel riding. This is because I feel the camel was not properly taken care of & it looks very dirty when you first see it. Maybe camel owners can clean & wash camels frequently so we can feel better.

Boat Riding: This is one of my favorite thing I usually do at the beaches, I take a ride on a boat and it’s an incredible experience.

Boat Riding at Tithal BeachYou get a life jacket for adults but not for kids, they should also provide life-jackets for kids as well. Still, I hold my baby tightly with me & took this photo with a selfie camera of my mobile as it was jumping & vibrating a lot.

Usually, ride on a boat is a good experience but only on the river or lake, while you are on the ocean and doing boat riding, the experience is totally different. They charge around 100 Rupees per person to ride on the boat & you get lifejacket but not for kids, what about the safety of kids?

Gujarati snacks: If you are a big fan of Gujarati food, you can satisfy your hunger for Gujarati food from the stalls at the beach. You get so many items like Bhel chaat, Bhajiya, Sweet corn roasted on charcoal, etc. You can also get Chinese & Indian food at the restaurants nearby the beach.

There were a lot of peoples enjoying the water, swim at the shore, but the water was dirty so I prefer to enjoy the beach instead of swimming there. Also, it was a bit cleaner than the Dumas beach that I visited last week.

I never experienced Parasailing as I could not found it anywhere on any beaches I visited in Gujarat. Maybe I will try that on my upcoming Goa trip. As I see a few blog posts and Instagram posts saying at Goa, we can do Parasailing. I will post about it on my blog during my Goa trip. Stay tuned with upcoming travel related blog posts from my Blog by entering your email address below.

Sunset at Tithal beach

Finally, sunset is the last thing you would wanna see at any beach. We enjoyed the boat riding and it was around 4 PM there, after that we felt tired so planned to sit on the local shop where we grab some sweet corn and drink & thankfully we got the best place to sit from where we can enjoy the sunset along with some foods.

Here is the beautiful sunset at Tithal beach that I have recently posted on my Instagram. BTW, If you are not already following me on Instagram, make sure you follow me on Instagram to get more travel photos there.

Food stalls at Tithal beach

Here is all I could see from the place where we were sitting, a lot of peoples taking photos & enjoying with their family. A food stalls, boat riding booking stall, ocean waves and much more.

Tithal Beach for Kids

It’s not for adults only but if you bring your kids there, it’s a very good place, just like a fun park. You get so many rides at the park which your kids can enjoy.

Tithal Beach for Kids

Priyanshi loves playing with this car & she was about to just starting her car to start his ride. 😀

How to Reach to Tithal beach

Want to go to Tithal beach? Check out the direct map location to get distance from your location to Tithal & best route on Google Map below.


Tithal beach is a popular tourist destination in Valsad, Gujarat which is the best weekend gateway for many local tourists.

have you ever visited Tithal beach? Share your story & experience in the comments section below.