Finally, I am now a full-time blogger, leaving my full-time job like thing behind. Many of my friends asking me what I do? Sometimes they ask me to have a cup of coffee and discuss in detail about what I am doing and what should they have to do to make money online.

Some of my online friends have launched their blogs too and started writing. But it is not only that thing. Since I am receiving a lot of emails, questions, and process for blogging advice, I decided to create an article on that to help my readers. Here in this article, we will discuss tips for new bloggers that will help you on your blogging journey.

Blogging Tips for Beginners

Tips for New Bloggers

Let’s talk about Blogging first. What is Blogging?

What is blogging?

It is the best way to let the world know what you are thinking. Likewise, Blogging is also a way to make money online. Making money through blogs requires some useful and informative content posted on the blog site. You need to put very informative & useful contents for the readers to attract them and sustain them coming to read your blog.

There are few things that bloggers need to know and understand while writing on blogs. If you would like to learn how to start a blog, here we would like to cover a few Successful Blogging Tips that every blogger should consider while writing on their blogs.

Do you know, you can create a Blog on Blogspot for FREE if you are a beginner and start publishing your content. You can later monetize your blog with Google Adsenseaffiliate programs, Sponsored blog posts & many more ways to make money by blogging. 

Start on WordPress

If you are planning for a long-term blog, you should consider starting on WordPress instead of or free domain. With them, you can start your website for FREE, but you can not show ads on Free WordPress blog. For Blogspot, there are so many disadvantages.

These are the property of them, your entire blog can be deleted overnight and you don’t have full control over your blog.

I have created a guide on starting a blog for you that will show you step by step on making your blog. If you want to learn step by step guide to building your blog, check out below online blogging course for FREE. Check it out below & enroll in FREE blogging course now !!

Niche Selection

The first step for a writing blog post is choosing topics for your post. You should determine your blog’s niche first. If you are running any specific category blog (Niche Blog), never post off a topic article on that.

Write a full and informative article with details and reference sources if there is any. The topic should be catchy and able to attract readers’ attention. It is always advisable to write on the topic that you know about.

You should write on something about which you have knowledge and creativity to put into the topic. Once the topic is selected, jot it down. Be careful about writing because irrelevancy can be harmful to you. Always write according to the topic.

You can read Blogging for Dummies Book, which mentions almost everything that you require for starting a blog. If you need some idea, you can check out some of the best blogging categories includes Personal Finance, Travel, Lifestyle, Parenting, Food, Fashion.

Just find out which thing you are good at. Find out on which topic, you can write so many things, choose it as your blog’s primary topic and start writing on.

Posting Consistently

Posting frequency is also matters a lot in ranking. Try to publish unique, useful content on a regular time interval. E.g. If you are writing a post weekly, you can schedule your blog post for next week but try to publish it consistently because it helps crawlers to crawl posts on a specific time.

Write blog posts that are useful for readers, and they can easily share it on their social media channels. When you post content regularly with quality content, you will notice a rapid boost in your blog traffic & Alexa ranking too.

Be your Self

When you start writing, be yourself! Don’t try to create a fake profile or ghostwriter. Create a good profile, reputation and make your self-brand. Nobody likes to read boring articles, try to add your personality in your writing style.

Enable Comments

Comments are the best way to build a community around; you can implement Disqus Comment System or default comment system on your blog. Some bloggers disable comments on their blog, believe me, this is the best way to communicate with your readers.

It is important that you are always responding to your readers. When the reader says anything good or bad about your writing style, it is important that you reply back.

It will give the reader, the satisfaction that you are interested in his comments. It will give a positive image of your blog site.

Have an About Page

Create an about page, I am still working on my about page to make it more personal. Whenever someone impressed by your writing style, your blog, they will first read about you from your about page. Mention your story, how you get started, who inspires you most and include everything about you in the about page of your website.

I personally read about a page of the bloggers whom I like most, it’s easy to show someone who you are.

Author Bio

When you create a post, embed your author bio. Nowadays, most of the paid theme or even FREE themes have an option to display author bio below the article.

It’s really helpful for someone to contact you for further discussion for the posted content.

Disable Captcha

Don’t make it too tight security for comment posting, just use the Akismet WordPress plugin. Don’t make it too much complicated for your readers to post comments.

Updating Old Content

The search engine loves updated content. You can look for the posts that you published last year or before that and seems outdated. You can update outdated content with new and useful information and republish it.

Let me give you an example, I wrote this article on Interlinking blog posts. It was written before 4 to 5 years. Google and other Search Engine has changed their algorithm a lot and hence this content needs to be updated. I can either update the content and repost it with the current date or update the content and mention this article was last updated on 01-01-2019 or something like that.

It is recommended that you update the post and publish the blog post with the current date if your permalink structure is not changing. This way, your email subscribers will also receive an update to your blog post and you will see new traffic to your blog post too.

You can show the last updated date on your blog post instead of the date when blog post published, which are also useful for readers, They can easily check the content was recently updated, and information might be useful.

Optimize your Blog Post for Search Engine

This is also important that what are you writing and how are you writing on your blog. The content should be relevant to your blog’s niche; there should be a flow in writing so that the reader can enjoy reading it and words must be understandable for them.

  • For Grammer

A comprehensive approach to writing blogs will help you out in getting maximum numbers of readers & traffic. There should be no spellings and grammar mistakes. You can use Grammarly for proofreading your content.

Use Grammerly WordPress Blog Post

They also offer Chrome Extension, which will suggest your grammatical mistakes while you write a blog post on WordPress blog too.

  • For Keywords

Selecting keywords for your niche website is extremely important. If you choose the wrong keyword, you will get traffic but it is not relevant that will not convert well.

Suppose you are offering WordPress customization service, but you write about Free themes for your WordPress & it ranked for #1 on Google SERP. You will get a lot of traffic to your post, but they are interested in a FREE WordPress theme. Not interested in your customization service.

You can use Long Tail Pro keyword research tool to find out long-tail keywords in your niche & also get a lot of blog post writing ideas for your upcoming posts. You can use this link to get a FREE long tail pro trial. You will get long-tail keywords as well as check keyword competitiveness that helps you in the ranking batter for a specified keyword.

Long tail pro discount

LongTail Pro is currently offering a 50% discount as a new year offer for this 7 days. SO if you really want to buy long tail pro for your blog, you should purchase long tail pro now. As this offer is only valid for 7 days.

Grab your Long Tail Pro at a 50% discount now.

  • For SEO

That was for about readers, now on the part of SEO, you should use to maintain Keyword density using SEOPressor Plugin. It helps you in writing by suggesting you LSI Keywords (Latent semantic indexing) & Long Tail Keywords that are easy to rank on Google. Try to consider the following things while writing for SEO optimized content for your blog.

Writing an effective SEO Optimized article is the recommended Blogging Tips and Techniques for beginners.

Post Unique Content

If you are copying content from a somewhere source, it is recommended that you should stop such practice. Google & other search engine takes duplicate content seriously & there is a chance that your blog gets panelized.

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If you are looking for How to Make a Blog, you can always let us know by commenting in the comment section below. We also offer service to set up a FREE blog, especially for those who don’t know how to Set Up a Blog. We will do it for them. 

Catchy Headlines

Whenever you create a new post, try creating blog headlines and titles catchy that can capture your readers’ attention and force them to click to read your blog post.

You can try this small trick to add a dynamic title for your affiliate blog post, it really saves a lot of time.

Reply to Comments

Whenever you receive a comment on any of your posts, response with your own views or help them answer their questions.

Don’t leave any comments unattended, try interacting with them in comments too. Your blog readers and audience love when their comments are getting answered and they will become long term readers of your blog.

Use Royalty FREE Photos

You know how to write a good article now, but do you know that if you are using someone’s copyrighted image on your blog post, you will be in a legal problem. Not now, but when you have bad luck.

Fortunately, there is a way to use images on your blog. You can find royalty-free stock images that you can use on your blog. You can use Pixabay(my favorite), Unsplash or Pexel that offer royalty-free images that you can use for your blog post & make sure you properly optimize your image for a search engine.

Get on Social Media

If you have just started your blog, make sure you have claimed your social profiles. Signup for your brand’s social profile on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Pinterest. They are FREE and you can get traffic from your social channel if you do it the right way.

Once you create any post, you can share it on your social channels to get traffic from them too. Nowadays there are a number of peoples using social media for their personal use and if you are not using your brand’s social media channel, you are leaving money on the table.

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Social Media Marketing Strategy

If you think, you can drive traffic to your blog only from search engines, it’s old. If you target social media, you will be able to generate more page views and traffic from social media too.

Also, social media signals are ranking factors, so more and more social media sharing will help you in getting ranked too. So try creating social media accounts for your blog or brand and share your content there too.

Blogging Tips For Beginners

Read, Read, Read

Read a lot of blog posts, books watch videos in your niche. So that you can have knowledge of what to write.

Don’t just select topics, find blogs on that topic, copy them to create your post. Be unique and write what you know instead of what you found on the Internet.

Build Email List

You can build a community of your readers by creating a forum on your blog, or even offer them FREE signup. Ask your readers to signup to hide ads to give them an ad-free user experience. This way, you will have their contact details and you can build your email list.

You can use Sendy that helps you build your email list right away. Start collecting emails from day 1 as you can always email new posts, promote your offers as you have direct contact.

You don’t have any control over social media followers, but you have control over your email list. This mistake is done by many newbie bloggers including me too when I started this blog.

Make it easy to Subscribe

Don’t hide your subscribe page or forms on your website. I can’t tell you, how many times I have gone to a website but found it impossible for me to subscribe. Sometimes captcha creating problems, while sometimes there are no links for their old forms.

Some websites even don’t have email, Twitter, Facebook or subscribe form. Try creating them as it’s an easy way to build a loyal readership.

Do you think, I missed something on this list? What blogging mistakes you made? Share your thoughts & story in the comments section below.


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