As the name indicated, evergreen content is the content posted on any website that remain fresh & unchanged for long time.Most of bloggers are prefer to write on technology niche but you know why they are choosing this niche? Well, the answer is most of technology topics  how to articles are searched millions times per day.Some evergreen blogged content is enduring and capable of receiving traffic for many years from search engines, directories and other collections of useful links it can be extremely valuable.

EverGreeen content

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Examples of evergreen content:

There are numbers of topics which can be considered as evergreen content.Such as product reviews, how to guide, tutorial, encyclopaedic entries etc.Those topic are never going to change and more & more people would search it on internet day by day.Suppose I had written an article on How to create Google adsense for content ad unit.Now the topic is useful for the every newbie who are just approved for adsense and don’t know what to do after getting adsense approved.Now that topic can be considered as evergreen because it will searched till Google adsense keep approving new adsense publishers and so it will get traffic till the topic is searched over internet.

More examples of evergreen content:

1.What to do after installing WordPress

2.Best WordPress SEO plugins

3.Free Broken link checker & link validator(SEO)

Now coming to another topic which type of article should not be considered as ever green.Google has recently thought to retire adsense for domain, & we have post about adsense for domain retiring.Now the topic will searched more at the time when it is retiring date, but after the date the content will no more searched by people.Because the trend has been finished.Most of news website has to update their content on daily basis because they have trendy content and will have no value after trend has been ended.

Tip: You can also create video about how things work and evergreen video on any tutorial niche & post it on YouTube.If your content are genuine, you can earn money from YouTube & your content will be SEO optimized by YouTube forever.I currently have two YouTube channels Believe it Or Not(Comedy) & Do It Your Self(How to Video Guide).Subscribe and get updated by latest video as well as learn how you can create videos and post it on YouTube to earn money.

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