Want to block a website but don’t know how to do? Do you know, you can block website from host file? if no, do check out this article on how to block website using host file.

Nowadays computers/laptops are most common gadgets that anyone would think to buy.Not only computer, peoples are more tends to have best internet connection at their home so that they can easily approach any information they wants. There is saying that coin has two side, likewise having technology is good thing but at the same time it has bad things too.

If you have child, you have observed that they likes to stick with social networking websites like Facebook & Twitter. Some of child would try to open adult & pornographic content while none is at home. So having parental filtering trick would save them browsing such websites. You can either use specific web filtering software that block certain websites added by you or you can directly block website through host file. Here we would discuss about how to block a website from host file.

How to Block website using host file

Step:1- Go to start menu and open run from there.

Step:2- Copy the following command and paste it into the run box & press enter.

notepad c:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers\etc\hosts

Step:3- You will see one notepad file opened with some texts.At the end of those text, you will find following like cryptic information.       localhost

Step:4- Now you will have to add the websites you want to block.Suppose you want to block facebook, twitter & myspace website, you will have to add the lines as follows.below the last line without removing any one of them.       localhost       www.facebook.com       www.twitter.com       www.myspace.com

Block website using host file

Now close the notepad editor, it will prompt you to save the file before exit.Save the file and now restart your computer. By using this method , you can block as many websites as you want.This idea is pretty effective when you don’t want to spend money for web filtering paid software.

Now whenever you want to open blocked website from the list, just go to step:1 & remove the lines you have added.Suppose you want to open Facebook that you have already blocked from the host file, just remove facebook.com containing line from the notepad file and save it.

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If you are using any other parental filtering software, please share it with us by commenting in the comment section below.If you have tried any other tricks to block specific website in your computer, you can share it too with us.