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How To Block Website Using Router

Block Any website From Wireless Router Menu
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  1. Blocking websites from the hosts file or from your personal router might not be such a good idea. If your kid is smart he could very well pass those filters.

    From my experience the best way to block websites and keep your children safe is to set up a proxy and only allow internet traffic through that proxy. Then you can set up many different rules (complex and simple) to ban whatever you want.

    Setting up a proxy might be hard but it’s worth doing it!

  2. Nizam says:

    Really useful guide on blocking website using router. But only upto 10 websites can be blocked, i guess it’s less? Then what if one needs to block more then 10 websites ?

    Thanks Bhavesh for this useful info 🙂

  3. shey says:

    Simply amazing! this how things go in a program.. I wonder how human brain do this ? Probably that how smart people is specially the one who post it! Great blog!

  4. Mark Brook says:

    with some proxy anyone can break this router but this is useful for the young children as the are not aware with proxy and ways of router bypass software.

  5. adelaide says:

    This sounds effective but I’ve found my Qustodio software (free) to do exactly what I want with a great deal of ease of use. It just runs in the background invisibly and blocks sites automatically and also generates reports about the time my kids spend on the web and the programs they install. Makes it rather a simplistic affair and the only thing I need to know is monitor 🙂