Facebook is a wonderful network that help you to stay updated with family member and other friends online. But so many times, mostly ladies when are on Facebook, some peoples would harass them. Sometimes they send adult messages or sometimes naked pictures to them.Mostly people make fake FB profile and harass ladies. But what to do if you want to How to Block Friends on Facebook or someone who is harassing you on Facebook? 

When You Block Someone on Facebook, they will not able to see your profile, nor able to contact you. Also you don’t have to worry about If You Block Someone Will They Know ? They will never know and they might not see your profile again from his account.  You can unfriend that person if you don’t want to block them for first time to give them warning message. Just unfriend them by going to their profile, if they still sending you messages, you can block them. The only different between Block vs Unfriend on Facebook is that, blocked person will not able to see your profile from his account. While unfriended person will be still able to send you friend request and see you and your timeline from his account.

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If you’re being harassed by any Facebook user on Facebook and you want to block him, don’t worry Facebook has built in blocking features to Block Someone from Messaging You on Facebook with few clicks. 

How to Block Someone on Facebook

Method 1 : From Facebook Setting menu

How to Block Someone on Facebook
How to Block Someone on Facebook
  • Go to “Setting” menu from your Facebook account
  • Now click on the “Blocking” button on the left side of setting page.
  • Now you are on “Block user” page, here you can find via name or email address only you need to type username or email address and click on “Search” button
  • After pressing search button Facebook show you names of list that you want to block
  • Now you can block user using simple click on Block button on the right side of name in opened window.
  • After pressing “Block” button Facebook ask you to confirm “blocking” process
  • Now user blocked and you can see block user on the “Blocking” page

Setting > Blocking > here you can see all block user. If you are looking for How to Hide Someone on Facebook, blocking them on your account is the perfect way to hide your profile from such peoples.

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Method 2: Directly from that person’s profile page

Block Someone from Messaging You on Facebook
Block Someone from Messaging You on Facebook
  • Now go to profile of the user you want to block
  • Then click on the “Three dots” button on the top right side of page
  • Now press “Three dots” button and you can see few option in the “three dots” menu button
  • Choose the “Block” button and press it
  • After pressing “Block” button, now click on the “Confirm” button
  • Now user blocked from your personal Facebook account.  

How do you unblock someone on facebook

Sometimes, if you have blocked any person from your friend-list, that meet you personally and apologize you for doing such with you, you might want to unblock them. Here is the tutorial to how do i unblock someone on Facebook in 4 simple steps.

  • Go to “Setting” menu from your Facebook account
  • Now click on the “Blocking” menu button on the top left side of page
  • Now you are on blocking page, to unblock people click on the “Unblock” button on the right side of name.
  • Now complete few step and click on the confirm button & you have done.

If you want to check out If Someone Blocks You on Facebook, you just need to search their name or email address from your FB account, you will not be able to see them from your account. But if you login from any other Facebook account and search that person, you might be able to see his/her profile. 

Check out below video on how to block someone from messaging you on Facebook. Also you will learn about how do i unblock someone on Facebook.