There are so many tools available online that helps you to convert your PDF file into JPG image format but you might haven’t heard about converting image into text image website allows you to convert your images into text image art online for free.

Convert Text to image art from photos

TO start using black-text, you just need to load photos from your computer on the website and type the text in text box which text you want to see in your images art.You can type short sentence or long sentence according to your need.Than this free utility will convert your image into desaturated image with the text you placed in it.In addition, you can also use print size, font size, font type, and paper size tools to modify your image with more productivity.You can also preset color processing with either fast or quality.At last, choose print or save button to download & save the image in your computer.

Note:Black-Text needs Microsoft Silverlight to run on your browser,so download it before you use the free utility.You will see the download page if you have not already installed Microsoft Silverlight in your computer & if it is already, than the web apps will run smoothly on your browser.

You can find Black-Text @

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