Recently I have written about an article, where I have recommended to get started with blogging at a very affordable rate & start your passive income journey. But the domain name is not only enough, but you will also need a hosting to host your website as well.

If you are just starting your business and looking for an affordable solution for hosting your website & manage your emails, you might probably look some cheap, reliable and affordable plans. That satisfies your website hosting needs & email management as well.

Since you are just starting your service online, you may need basic hosting where you can set up WordPress + Woocommerce store, so that you can create a blog post about your products and on Woocommerce store you can list your available products.

Since you have created your online service, you might need a professional email service based on your domain name which you can use to reply or send emails from. E.g. [email protected] will not sound professional, instead of having professional email name like [email protected] like email address looks more genuine service provider.

I have even started with small business hosting from Bluehost, which had allowed me to host my WordPress website along with hosting my emails on their server. You don’t need to purchase any additional email hosting service after buying your hosting.

The Best Web Hosting for Small BusinessAll you need to spend is as little as $3.95 per month on your Bluehost hosting plan, where you get a free domain name + website hosting + email hosting service all in one place.

WordPress is the easiest plateform to setup a blog & online store & they have 24×7 support, so if you are just starting your online store for your business, we recommend you to start with Bluehost.