If you are the severe alcoholic, but now you want to detox from alcohol at home, then you are at right place. Here, in this guide, we have mentioned the complete details about how you can easily detox from Alcohol at your home without any issue. But detoxing from the alcohol at home is not safe 100 percent for all. As we have mentioned above that, if you are a severe alcoholic, then you need to consult with the doctor, so that he can help you, and also guide you about how you can easily detox from alcohol at home.

There are over 68 million of alcoholics in the world and many of whom need the help to get out from the Alcoholism, but it is not possible to meet each people, that’s why we have created this guide for our readers so they can help other peoples by sharing this article. If you are one of them who are looking for the best way to detox at home from alcohol then this guide is for you.
Best Way To Detox From Alcohol Alcoholism Detox At Home
The detox from alcohol at home is not too safe, and the home alcohol detox process is not recommended by most doctors, so sometimes you will require a medical facility.

Best Way To Detox From Alcohol / Alcoholism Detox At Home

So let’s take a look at these below-mentioned steps to from alcohol at home:

First, Make the Decision to Detox from Alcohol

If you are severe alcoholic and want to leave alcohol, the first of all, you will have to make the decision to detox from the alcohol, and assess your drinking habits and your lifestyle. After you assess your drinking habits, you can easily get an idea about how much amount of alcohol you are drinking. So making a strong decision to detox from alcohol is the main part that helps you to detox from alcohol.

Here are the few symptoms, if you have experienced one or more of the following symptoms, then you may be an alcoholic and you need to consider the quitting drinking:

  • If you think about drinking in the morning ever
  • If you think about drinking alone
  • If you feel guilty after drinking ever
  • If you have tried to hide your drink from others
  • If you feel any difficulty stopping yourself once you have one drink, etc.

Then you may be an alcoholic, and you strongly need to consider about quitting the alcohol:

Now, it’s time to evaluate your goal

After you decided to cut extra alcohol from your lifestyle or quite as soon as or if you want to quit alcohol from your life, then you need to set a concrete goal so that you will never start drinking again.

If you have set a concrete goal to quit drinking completely, then write down on any book or on anything that you will stop drinking on this time/date completely. You can also set any specific date on that you will quit drinking. To reduce the intake of drink in your body, first of all, you need to check that you need a full detox or not. And you can check that by analyzing how heavily you currently drink. And you can also check that the detox may still be required or not to reduce the intake of drink. Once you have evaluated your goal, then you will need to be very strict to detox from alcohol, because this is only the way that you can use to detox from alcohol at home.

Talk about this with your friends

After you evaluate your goal, you will need to talk about this with your friends, family members, so that you can build your support system for when you begin detoxing. And you friends and other family members can also support when you begin detoxing from the alcohol. That’s the reason that you should talk about this with your friends and family members. You can also let the people know about your plans because, this way you can start to build your support so that you can reduce the intake of alcohol.

If you start telling about your plan to people around you, then it could be simple as asking them to not to offer you drinks. And the next big thing is you will have to clear your goals with your friends that you are on detoxing and now you can’t take an alcohol in your drink. You can also make the distance from your friends if your friends do not support you and your goal. If you’re any friend pressure you to drink, then immediately you need to leave the place where your friends.

Throw out the alcohol from your Home

If you really want to leave an alcohol, then you also need to throw out the alcohol from your home. This is the only way that you can use to reduce alcohol intake from your body. After you remove the alcohol from you home, and when you start experiencing withdrawal, then you will not able to control the thirst of your alcohol. That’s the reason that we have mentioned that you need to remove alcohol from your home.

This will also help you to keep away from the alcohol. So, if you always keep the stock of alcohol, then immediately you have to throw out all the alcohol from your home.

Consult with your Doctor

After doing all above-mentioned tips, now you should consult with your doctor so that they can give you an advice about this because the detoxing from the alcohol can be very dangerous if you did improperly. That’s why; you should consult with your doctor when you begin the detoxing. If you consult with your doctor, then he will be able to tell you about that the detoxification at home is good for your health or not.

If you are a heavy drinker, then you may need a medical treatment in order to detox from alcohol. To help in the detoxing process, your doctor can also suggest vitamins and supplements and prescribe medications that will help in your alcohol detoxification process. If you are doing a job and you do not want to lose your job due to detoxing, then you can also ask your doctor to write a letter for your medical leave, so that you don’t lose your job.

Learn the symptoms of Detoxing Alcohol

If you are long-term heavy drinker, then the detoxing will not be the pleasant experience for you, and it can be dangerous if you did improperly, so you should need to examine the symptoms of detoxing from alcohol. You and your family member can easily examine the symptoms of detoxing from alcohol. Only you should be prepared for the following symptoms that occur within a few hours when you begin the detoxing process. And they can even last up to a week. Here, below we have mentioned few symptoms of detoxing from alcohol.

  • Dehydration
  • A severe headache
  • Night Sweats
  • Shaking
  • Vomiting
  • Rapid Heart Rate
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Irritability
  • Confusion
  • Hallucinations, etc.

Eat Fresh and High-protein foods

During the detoxing process, you will need nutrients, so that you can maintain your health. You can also freeze small dishes to make meals easily without any problem. During the detoxing process, you should eat plenty of fresh and high protein foods to replace nutrients you are losing by detoxing. The Fresh fruits and vegetables are the best way to maintain your health when you are on detoxing. You can also eat high-protein food like fish, chicken or peanut butter so that you can easily get back all the nutrients you are losing via detoxing.

The Oats is the way to control your blood sugar, so you can also include the Oats in your diet. If you are a heavy or long-term drinker, then the Vitamin supplements are the common way to get rid of vitamin deficiencies. There are some good choices of vitamin supplements such as vitamin B, C, and magnesium, and you can also include in your diet to keep your body healthy. And only use any of these supplements if your doctor has approved to use for you.

Drink Plenty of Water

Many times, the alcohol detoxification process often causes many critical issues such as vomiting, diarrhea, and dehydration. That’s the reason that you should have to intake the plenty of water during the alcohol withdrawal because during the alcohol withdrawal you should drink enough water to replace the lost fluids in your body. So you will need to drink plenty of water as much as you can. This will helps you to maintain the water level of your body during the alcohol detoxification process.

Get addicted to new Hobbies and Interests

After the successful detoxification from Alcohol, you have to be getting addicted of new hobbies and interests, because this is the only way that helps you to live the healthy life after the successful detoxification from Alcohol. So always try to find new hobbies and interest so that you can replace your alcohol addiction. When you try to find new hobbies and interests, you should think about activities you used to love but from the long time you have not done, and reviving your all old hobbies and interests that can be the great way to put you in a different state of mind.

If you still feel alone and you are not able to turn your mind in a different state of mind, then you can also consider hobbies that give you a sense of purpose such as volunteer work, and this will helps you to keep your mind in a positive state of mind.


As we have mentioned above, the Alcohol detoxification is a very critical process for all alcohol addicted persons, especially for the persons who have long-term drinking addiction. And the detoxification at home is good for the persons who are not addicted to heavy alcohol. If you are a heavy drinker, then you may need a supervision of doctors, and the home detox is not possible in such cases. If you are suffering from heavy alcohol addiction and want to detox, then you require a professional rehab, so that you can safely detox from alcohol under supervision of professional doctors.