Hyderabad is a very historical place of India, that has a population of about 6,809,970(According to Wikipedia), which makes it the fourth most popular city in India. You can also say that Hyderabad is a country’s second-largest Telugu film producer. And the third most famous thing of Hyderabad that is the city’s traditional bazaars includes Begum Bazar, Sultan Bazar, and Laad Bazaar. These all markets ongoing from Mughal Raj and are still working. In the region’s distinctive cuisine also, you can see the influence of Mughal culture, which includes Hyderabadi Haleem and Hyderabadi biryani, etc.

But Today, we are going to talking about the best place for couples in Hyderabad. If you are lived in Hyderabad and looking for the best place, where you can go with your girlfriend/boyfriend, then you are in the right place. Because, in this post, we have mentioned about the best places where you can go with your loved one to spend quality time. Hyderabad is a city of beautiful places like lakes, historical buildings, forts. It all depends on your interest where you want to go? In Hyderabad city, There are many romantic places to go with your loved one where you can spend excellent quality time with your better half.

Recommended Places to Visit in Hyderabad For Couples

Durgam Cheruvu

In the Hyderabad, The Durgam Cheruvu is a freshwater lake which is covered over 34 ha (83 acres) and located Rangareddy district, Telangana near the city Hyderabad. The Durgam Cheruvu Lake is also known as “Secret Lake.” The Durgam Cheruvu lake is hidden between locations of the Madhapur and Jubilee Hills. That’s the reason that this is also known as Secret Lake.

Durgam Cheruvu, Hyderabad (India)

Image credit: youtube.com

According to me, Durgam Cheruvu Lake is a perfect place where you can go with your girlfriend/boyfriend. Because the Durham cherubs lake is the most popular and famous place for dating in Hyderabad.

As a result of the various beautification actions, the area of the lake was illuminated, floating fountain, artificial waterfalls, and rock gardens also were added. So we can say that the Durgam Cheruvu is the best dating place in Hyderabad.

Necklace Road

The Necklace Road is the second place on our list of the best places for the couples at Hyderabad. Like Mumbai’s Marine Drive, the Necklace Road is most famous in Hyderabad. The necklace Road is a covered bridge road that connects the Sanjeevaiah Park to NTR Gardens.

Necklace Road, Hyderabad (India)

image credit: whatsuplife.in

The Necklace Road seems like any curved necklace from the sky. This place is a fully safe and most popular where you can go with your girlfriend/boyfriend for dating in Hyderabad. In this Necklace Road, There are no any restaurants and parks you will find.

KBR Park

The KBR Park is a Kasu Brahmananda Reddy National Park located in the Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad, Telangana. The KBR National Park is located in the center of the Jubilee Hills. This KBR national park is also named as a concrete jungle. This KBR national park has lots of birds, peacock, animals like the elephant.

KBR Park, Hyderabad (India)

image credit: youtube.com

The KBR National Park has an approx area of 390 Acre, and the entire KBR Park was named as a National Park by the getting approval from the central government of Hyderabad.

This KBR National Park is one of the perfect places for couples, there where they can go with their girlfriend/boyfriend for dating, walking, and also for fresh air. In the KBR National Park, you can only get the Ice-cream.

Golconda Fort

The Golconda Fort is the next best place for dating in our list of the top 10 best place for couples in Hyderabad.

Golconda Fort, Hyderabad (India)

image credit: youtube.com

The Golconda Fort is the most popular place in the Hyderabad and built-in originally built in mud on an approx 400ft hill and situated 11km away from the main city of the Hyderabad. So we can say the Golconda is another best place for couples on our list.

Ramoji Film City

The Ramoji Film City is India’s most famous and world’s largest film studio that spreads across 2000 acres of land. It also certified by the Guinness Book of World Records for the world’s largest film city in the world.

Ramoji Film City, Hyderabad (India)

image credit: crocustravel.com

The Ramoji Film City is also the most popular tourist place in the Hyderabad and contains natural and artificial things including the amusement park and artificial film sets, etc. You can book Ramoji Film City for Family Holidays, Grand Weddings, Honeymoons, Group visits, and Corporate meetings. For the couple’s, the Ramoji Film City is the best and perfect place.

Here in this article, we have listed some of the best places to visit in Hyderabad for couples. Do let us know your experience if you have ever visited this place with your loved one.