Finding a good job that pays well & suits your personality will not only help you to be happy in your life but you will need to find that your work comes out a lot stronger as well.

Best Jobs for Introverts

Best Jobs Where You Work Alone From Home 1

There are some people who shy going out for a job & don’t like to work in a crowded place. Obviously, there are jobs that pay well & you can work alone from home. Here in this article, we will be discussing some of the perfect jobs for introverts where you work alone from home and get paid.

Start a blog

Starting a blog is fun where you write about the things you like. When I started blogging for a full time, I was not making much from my blog but right now I am a full-time blogger making a good amount of money. That’s the power of having a blog.

There are so many ways to monetize your blog including a sponsored blog post, display ads, affiliate marketing, selling products, coaching/training and many more.

Actionable Advice: Before you start, take action now & start your free blogging course from here. You can even enter your email address below to start your free 7 days blogging course.

Sell your own product

Do you have something creative inside you? or do you have something that will help people?

Usually, digital products are a great way to make money along with sharing your experience and knowledge. You can create your own eBook, course, printable and much more downloadable product and sell it online from your own social media profile. In the long run, you build so many followers with similar interests & you can sell your products like hot cake.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is the best way to generate passive income. You earn money by recommending products you like & when it gets purchased, you get some fees as a commission.

You can signup for affiliate programs like Shareasales, Flexoffers or Peerfly as an affiliate, start promoting products on your blog that you love & make money as a passive income.


The job of a transcriptionist is very easy, all you need to do is convert any video or audio content into text documents. You can transcribe medical documents, legal documents or office documents for the peoples, usually for the podcasters who want to turn their podcast into text version for their upcoming blog post.

You can create a list of podcasters and contact them from their website if they need help with transcribing their podcast to the text version. This way you can sit on your desk and make money as a transcriptionist.

There are some tests & training required to pass the transcriptionist test to get hired but if you have good communication & understanding skill, this will be easier for you.


Actually, this is not a job but you still can make money or we can say you can save money when you purchase online. If you are regular shopping online from sites like Amazon, Target, Wallmart or many more, Rakuten provides you cash back for the purchase made by you.

I use Rakuten while purchasing things from online stores, I get cashback as well as save money on shopping this way. You too can signup for Rakuten, get $10 welcome bonus your self on your first order.

Freelance Writing

I have hired a lot of freelance writers my self & I know the scope of freelance writing. You get paid instantly by writing as described & all you need to have is good writing skills & grip on the English language.

I have paid $5 to $10 per 100 words to the writers & sometimes more in case I need good quality content.  So if you write 1000 words article, you can easily make $50 to $100 as a content writer. Also, this job is part-time, means you don’t need to do it as a full time, just get hired as a content writer from sites like, & start doing it yourself.

Social Media Manager

There are so many small business owner, bloggers and website owners that pay you to manage their social media profile. All you need to do is publish good quality content about them on their social media profiles. You get paid to manage their social media profiles.

Likewise, there are numerous jobs you can do your self by sitting at home with your computer. You can be your own boss by working at home.

Your Thoughts

If you are looking for some side hustle job apart from your full-time job, you can try & start making money as a side hustle. Do share what you think about these options in the comments below.